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CHURCH OPINION: Suicide; Do you know about Spiritual Suicide?

For the past few weeks the media has recorded a strange number of people who committed Suicide as a result of Social factors while little or no attention is given to the increasing number of people commiting Spiritual Suicide.
This report is therefore aimed at exposing the causes and means of preventing Spiritual Suicide.

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CHURCH OPINION: – Christians view on Dave Bass’ action; what can separate you from the love of Christ?

Can a man who has known God and worked for Him for more than 39 years declare that Christ is not real, How can we explain his experience over the years? In a recent news Churchpalaba publishes a report about a renowned pastor that renounced his faith, Christians across the globe has taken time to… Read More »

CHURCH OPINION: Easter celebration; what should i remember during Easter?

Easter is one of the greatest feast of the church, it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. Easter Sunday is also called pascha or Resurrection Sunday. Easter starts with Lent on Ash Wednesday, 46days before Easter Sunday, though the date changes every year. This celebration is not without some special programmes in various churches. Mostly, foods… Read More »

CHURCH OPINION: courtship; how long should it be?

Courtship begins at the point when a Christian brother and a Christian sister confirm to each other the leading of God in their heart as future marriage partners. Though, it is believed that not all courtship leads to marriage but it is better understood as a Christian that the purpose of courtship is marriage, and… Read More »

CHURCH OPINION: Is it necessary to tell my would-be partner about my purpose and challenges while proposing?

No one begins a marital relationship without securing the agreement of the second party, this form of relationship is highly dangerous to be built on assumption. It is important for the man and the woman to have separate conviction about the relationship before the relationship begins. Some of the common question I hear people ask… Read More »

CHURCH OPINION : Marriage partner; Is there a specific partner for the individual?

God himself conceived the idea of marriage. Marriage is meant to provide a suitable help for the God given purpose of the man. The issue of knowing God’s intention as per marriage partner is not a small matter but the way God illustrated his intentions in the choice of marriage partner by making a woman… Read More »

CHURCH OPINION: The love of God or the fear of God – Which comes first?

Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. Fear in this context is either an unpleasant feeling of danger or awe. The worship, the praise, the respect, the tithe, the offering, and countless number of things we offer to God is propelled by what? Love or fear? How do we picture… Read More »

CHURCH OPINION : ELECTION- should a Christian Vote a non-Christian into government?

According to the scriptures, God’s desire is to make His children dominate Dominating in Nigeria today has being somehow winged to those holding political office and this is made possible through the process of Election. Meanwhile, wining an Election requires getting the highest number of votes among others. Should a Christian cast his or her… Read More »