Fans slams CAN, PFN , others over TB Joshua’s Death

By | June 8, 2021

The leadership of CAN, PFN and other men of God have been slammed for keeping mute over the death of their colleague, TB Joshua.

Recall that the news about the death of TB Joshua went viral during the early houses of Sunday, 6th of June, 2021.

Since then, none of the members of the Nigerian Christian Association ha paid tribute or mourned the man of God.

Some people took to Instagram to react on this;

@fesooyebade wrote “You mean PFN and CAN? They won’t make any official statement because he’s church does not belong to those organizations. If they do people will still call them hypocritical. I have seen individuals Christians express their shock and condolences”

@cassey_berry28 wrote “They are all pretenders, whatever happens to being human before a Christian”

@wyteflame wrote “All these religious politicians. Shior. Nigeria the cruise ship”

@padosky wrote “Politics and hatred reign supreme in Christendom”

@adanna_.. wrote “This is actually the last straw that will make me give up on Nigerian pastors.. roasting him every day in their church service wasn’t enough.. still, 24 hours after his death non of them have come out to commensurate with his members and family… TB Joshua was and will continue to be what many of you aren’t! As him no build expensive university like una, luxury cars, collect tight and first fruit like una, or emotionally manipúlate members to sow seeds like una, he is the devil on earth.. the beef going on within pastors is deadly, more than 10 churches in my street, yet the pastors don’t see eye to eye. I won’t which heaven una dey preach all the time.

However, some people while reacting to this on Facebook said those who are criticizing other men of God should stop doing so but rather follow the message of love and the identity of Love which TB Joshua stands for while alive.

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