Trump’s tenure was just a short Window of Grace – Mike Bamiloye

By | January 23, 2021

Mike Bamiloye, a Drama Evangelist, founder and president of Mount Zion faith ministries and Mount Zion television took to twitter his views on former president Donald Trump’s tenure.

” Trump should have known that he was there temporarily to break the dangerous speed of the Democrats. Now they are back to continue from where they stopped in 2017. Trump’s tenure was just a short Window of Grace.”

Various individuals shared their views on @mikebamiloye’s tweet.
Some believed Trumps tenure was not a period of grace but a tenure filled with error.

One of the replies by @damiloju disagrees with @mikebamiloye, that the fact that Trump disallows Gay marriage does not mean he is from God.
“Why do so many Christians think trump was given to USA by God, I really still don’t get. Our religious thinking is just too much. Because Trump did not allow gay right means he is from God. Uncle mike gay is just one sin out of many. Calm down” he replied.

Some people agrees with @mikebamiloye’s point of view while some are still asking for clarification of his tweet.

@mikebamiloye is yet to respond to any of the replies on his tweet.

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