Teenagers Worship God Genuinely

By | January 21, 2021

Over 290 people shared a recent Facebook post by Guetio where teenagers were seen worshiping God. This act of worship which can be considered as true and genuine worship blessed many lives. The teenagers in the video are from Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry church in Philippine. The young men and women were performing worship music when the Holy Spirit powerfully touched them.
Dressed in white and blue apparels, the young people sang Chris Tomlin’s “Our God Is Greater” in their dialect. While worshiping, the lead vocal’s voice broke, brought to tears. And everyone was already crying out to God as well. They lifted their hands while in tears.

The video blessed the viewers on Facebook with the powerful worship and sincere devotion the teens showed. Two days after the video was posted, it reached a wider audience.

Various Facebook users that left comments on the Facebook post of these Teenagers worshiping God shows that they are praising God with the Teens.

These young men and women remind us ofJesus’ description of a true worshiper, they also brought to our remberance one of Jesus’ teaching about children –
Children are the heritage of the lord and they are to Him as sword is in the hand of a warrior.
So, instead of leaving your youths to wander about without care ensure that you train them to love the lord, expose them to Spirit edifying songs and content. It is what you plant in them that will eventually grow in them. Shalom.

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