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There are gods and there is just one God. God [The Creator of the Universe] is the only true God but there are other gods.

The condition attached to enjoying the promises of God is to stick to the only true God, not turning to other gods. What are the other gods?

•Every other things that we run to in times of hapiness and or sorrow is a representation of other gods.
•Whatever takes the first place in your heart outside of God is another god.

. Whatever gets your trust is also a symbol of another god.
We must know that the promises of God are yes and Amen in Christ Jesus and the fulfilment of such promises are made manifest in the individual who keeps looking unto Jesus without following other gods.

A question worth asking on daily basis is, “Is my action and response to life not portraying a chasing after other gods”
The Bible says, whatever you do in word or act, do all to the Glory of God.

Not to follow other gods is to ensure our daily disposition to life is for God.

God help us!

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