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Nothing happens without the knowledge of God, as a matter of fact God is all knowing. ( Matthew 10:30 testifies of the all-knowing nature of God).
In the light of this nature of God, we will examine how to tap into this under the experience of David in II Samuel 21. Verse 1 tells us about the unpleasant situation (famine) that fell upon the children of Israel. This strange event under the leadership of King David made him to consult God and he got to know the reason and the solution to the problem at hand.
David’s experience in this chapter taught us the following lessons which are too valuable to overlook.

  1. There is a reason for every occurrence.
  2. God knows all things.
  3. If we come to God, He is available to give us answers to all our request.

These lesson posses a challenge to every child of God. We should not be ignorant of the reasons and solutions to things happening in our lives.
It is important to note that the journey into the all-knowing nature of God begins with a perpetual fellowship with God. If you care to know more about yourself and people around you, dare to build a constant and a personal relationship with God.

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