Is Pastor Adeboye now working with Pope Francis? – A concern to the Church

By | June 18, 2020

It is well known that Pope Francis is on an Agenda to a One world religion through uniting every religions of the world. This will result to a one world government with the intention to bring peace to the world. A cleared indication of the end time that paves way for the reign of the Anti-Christ.

But, Why is Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi also coming into being a part of something similar? Some weeks ago a meeting, which was an initiative of the United Nations, of several religious leaders was held and hear what Pastor Adeboye has to say:

“I have a rough idea of what God sent me to this world to do, and I have not even started. I am just beginning to scratched the surface. Yes, He (God) wants me to be an instrument in His hand to bring the Redeemed Christian Church of God to every nation in the world. He wants me to work hard that by His Grace there will be in every family in the world at least a member of the Redeemed Christian church of God.

But I believe that is just a small part of my assignment. I believe a bigger part of the assignment is beginning to surface and that is why you can see here today several people of different faiths gathering together because I believe God wants to use me to bring together religious leaders who will ultimately bring peace to this world. It is clear that politicians have failed to solve the problems of conflicts and violence all over the world. If you kill a terrorist today, a dozen others are rising up to take his place. I believe that we are going to have peace in this world and we are going to need religious leaders to come together and speak out against violence, speak out against those people who under the guise of religion are doing things that God will never approve. So, I am delighted by the Grace of God for the initiative we started at the united nations some months ago. As you can see already, some of my brothers here from other faiths.

I want to ask you please that on this occasion, you will join me in prayers that what the politicians have failed to do, God will use us religious leaders to achieve it.”

Three questions I want to ask:

  • Is Pastor Adeboye getting involve in the One World Order?
  • What would Jesus have done if He happens to be Pastor Adeboye- Will He arrange a meeting with religious leaders to create peace?
  • Did Jesus promise peace on earth?

Let me hear your thought. The end of this world is the beginning of good days for we Christians – Stay prepared, the coming of our king is sooner than when we first believe.


2 thoughts on “Is Pastor Adeboye now working with Pope Francis? – A concern to the Church

  1. Egbodofo-Olu Olowosoga Bernard

    Is Pastor Adeboye getting involve in the One World Order?

    The Bible says “Having not know the righteousness of God, they went about establishing their own righteousness”. I want to believe that I may not know God’s servant intention on the subject, so it will be difficult for me to jump into conclusion, lest I go about establishing my own thought about God’s servant.
    May God help us. Amen.

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