Above the Crowd

By | June 1, 2020

By Omoyeni Alice

Have you observed why Mary Magdalene was the first to see Jesus, have you seen why she was the only one that saw the angels in the tomb where Christ was laid?
I recently discovered the secret and it is an evergreen principle for achieving a different result in life and ministry.

In John chapter 20 after Jesus has been laid in the tomb (of Joseph of Arimathea who has being a secret disciple) Mary Magdalene went to the tomb, she presumed it would be empty because the large stones placed on it were rolled away; the fear and anxiety of where Jesus could be made her run to the disciple to disclose the matter to them. Peter and the disciple whom Jesus loved ran to the venue as well and confirmed Mary’s story. After confirming it, they went back; perhaps not minding what could have happened.

With an inquisitive mind and a loving spirit she wept and eventually stopped down to look into the tomb and behold she saw something different. While others saw the linen cloth lying there she saw angels sitting with the linen clothes and from there she got to see Jesus and was privileged to be the first person to see Jesus after resurrecting, what a great grace!

Learn this two lessons from Mary Magdalene as I have learnt them:

  1. The disposition of your heart will determine what your eyes will see. Mary saw something different from the two disciples because she had the mind to stay and press to the end of the matter while the actions of the Peter and John shows that they only came to confirm the news.
  2. If you can go beyond the normal you will get a highly and unimaginable great result. Mary got an unimaginable result, she did what others did not do, she stayed back and laboured.

Life Application
The lessons learnt from the actions of Mary pointed to us that our heart and the desire to be different is basic to unlocking great success and standing above the crowd.
Name other great Men and Women that God did something great through them, you will discover that they did not live their lives the way other ordinary men lived theirs, they applied an extra effort and stood beyond the crowd, you cannot follow the crowd and expect to be above the crowd at the same time, you must dare to be different.

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