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Happy Birthday to God’s General!

Bishop James Olalekan Oyelade (JP) is a born- again, sanctified and spirit filled Christian. By God’s grace, he’s the founder, the presiding bishop and the chairman Board of trustees of Christian Church International, a rapidly growing Charismatic, dogmatic, Evangelical, Pentecostal organization with many branches in Nigeria and overseas.

He’s a man of humble background, strong believer in old time religion, an indefatigable Christian leader, highly disciplined and more so, a thorough-bred pastor who developed himself in all facets of life.

God has used him to raise many national and international ministers of God for the end time ministry. His delight always is to preach the gospel of Jesus and teach sound doctrines of the Bible which he considers a greater privilege than office of presidency of a country.

A vastly traveled man of God both in Africa and Europe, ministering in high-brow conferences, workshops, seminars, conventions and convocations in the past 54years, happily married to Pastor (Mrs) Abigail Omoyiola Oyelade and blessed with grandchildren.

We celebrate this great personality.

May you live long in healthy body, wealth, fresh anointing and grace. You are uphold till the end sir.

Age gracefully dear Bishop

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