Street Evangelism

By | April 16, 2020

I felt so cool when I heard the voice of an aged woman preaching along the street at a time I was enjoying my morning sleep.
I felt challenged and at the same time encouraged.

Not too long she moved along the street before my house, then I had the privilege to hear her clearly, arise and listen to the word of Grace I solemnly told myself.
As I gave her my attention, struggling to get up from the fervor of sleep, I heard her saying something against the government, rebuking the action of the government for locking down states and restricting the people from worshipping God. Oh! Is this the gospel?

Though she made a point, she pointed to the fact that most of us had forgotten the promise of God that No evil will befall us, making reference to the plagues of Egypt and the safety of the Israelites, how He preserved them from dangers.

Indeed God kept them(the Israelites) and God is still God, He will continue to be God.
But I just felt the zeal of the lord should be channeled correctly, it’s very great to embark on street evangelism but it will be a misuse and abuse of strength when the word of God is not correctly Channeled.
This morning is not the first time I will hear Street preachers saying somethings I think they are not supposed to say.
When preaching our opinion should not be mixed with the word of God, we should allow the people to have access to the undiluted word of God

May the Lord help our heart continually.

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