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Those who inquire will not miss the way(A Nigerian adage)

Often times we spend our most precious resources (time,money, energy, …) seeking things that are not necessary, though to us they appear as the most needful whereas, looking into God’s agenda those things are not required, they are not needful.

If we have taken all diligence to develop the habit of asking God for guidance before making decisions, they would have been a zero record of waste or unnecessary delay and denial in our lives; approaching God is the surest route to a timely fulfillment.

God desires that we become friendly and free with Him, He wants us to be able to relate anything with Him just as friends; He want us to know what He is planning for our lives and what we should do per time, that is why Jesus called us Friends and not servant; for servants do not know what the master does(John 15:15)

Perhaps we don’t want to receive instructions from God because we think He is difficult or it is useless disturbing God about small matters and so we only take big mattes to Him – Oh No!

You must understand that Rome was not built in a day and that, those who do not have the patience of placing a brick on each other cannot build a house-everything in life is a process, moreover if you don’t learn to engage God in the most simple things, you can’t involve Him in greater matters.

King David, the man after God’s heart is a good example of someone who developed an inquiry lifestyle with God, he seeks the mind of God before taking any step and it helped him, it saved Him from diverse dangers. ( Check his inquiry attitude in 1samuel 23:2,10,30:8)

It is amazing that those periods as pointed in the verses above are periods of urgent needs when the thought of seeking God’s face should not even come to David’s mind but because he has made God an essential part of Him he could remember Him and trust His decisions.

Although there are examples of places where David listened to himself instead of God and it landed him into a bigger trouble. ( I Samuel 27)


So, dearly beloved, develop the correct lifestyle of depending on God today. Knowing surely that : If God leads you, you can’t regret it .

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