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After eight years of entertaining children at Burgess Hill library, Noah’s Ark group got banned for singing Bible Stories to kids.

According to CBN news this group is a volunteer from a church run playgroup (The King’s church in West Sussex, United Kingdom) they sing songs like “Mr Noah built an Ark” and “God has made a Rainbow”.

The church from which the group emanates explains from her website their goal for group activities. “All groups aim to create a safe environment, which supports parents and careers whilst giving lots of opportunities for children to have fun.”

Though the West Sussex County Council canceled the rhyme time playgroup sessions after parents complained that their kids were singing about God, but many other Parents are now unhappy that their children will no longer have the privilege of meeting the group at the Library.

The council said they are thankful for Noah’s Ark group, but library staff would lead future rhyme times.

“We have been very grateful to this group for their support but following feedback from families, we have decided to bring these sessions in line with the other rhyme times in our libraries which are led by staff.”
“Families can continue to access faith-based activities in community venues and library staff are very happy to help anyone looking for details of where they can join these.”

While songs about God’s rainbow are being banned in the UK, other libraries are pushing the radical rainbow of LGBTQ encouraging children to accept the ideology.

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