CHURCH OPINION: Do you believe that God is everywhere?

By | April 28, 2019

One of the names we call God is omnipresent, which means He is boundless and can be seen everywhere. How do we get to know this about God, and how real is this to us in this generation.
If the consciousness that God is everywhere is rooted in us why do we have increased rate of lawlessness in the world today.

Let’s ask few people


Name: Grace
Opinion: Of a surety I know God is everywhere because He answer prayers.

Name: Opeyemi
Opinion: yes sometimes it does drive me crazy. Thinking about someone who has the ability to know everything everywhere is something too big for my brain. I just believe it and God has proved this to me many times. The scriptures testify of the omnipresent nature of God. If he is not everywhere how on earth will the world exist . Thinking about the formation of the earth alone is something Mysterious.
I think one of the reasons for increase lawlessness is because we know God is merciful and in a sense we do take that mercy for granted.

Name: Bayo
Opinion: The bible says God is Spirit and it is only a spirit that has the ability to know all things. In fact the spirit in the movies they do act for us in most of our Yoruba and Christian movies do not have the ability to be everywhere at a time. Only God has that ability and it is a mystery. Glory to God!

Name: Promise

Opinion: I do believe that God is everywhere firstly because the Bible says so and of course everything around me point to this truth. The increase of lawlessness is anyway as a result of the fact that we really do not know God as everywhere. We know it in our head but not in our heart: Until this is done, lawlessness won’t cease especially in this era of technology.

In the light of the scriptures

In the book of Genesis 22:9-12 we saw the reflection of God as an omnipresent God when Abraham was about sacrificing his only Son Isaac. At that point when he was about to slaughter the child the angel of the lord called out unto him and stopped him from sacrificing the child.
The action as I pictured in my mind was that God watched Abraham as if He was seated before him and He raised His hand to stop him as he raised the knife.
Where was the hiding place of God? The psalmist said Heaven is His Seat and the earth is His footstool. The word of the psalmist itself confirms the omnipresent nature of God.

Again, in I Samuel 10:17-27 specifically verse 22b the omnipresent nature of God was revealed. In that account, when the Israelites began to disturb Samuel for a king and God gave Samuel the permission to anoint Saul the son of Kish Saul hided himself among the instruments at his coronation. Everyone was looking for him including Samuel the man of God. It was God who later revealed Saul’s hiding place to Samuel.
This is beyond human!

Throughout the scriptures, the boundless power of God is not hidden.

Life Application

The consciousness that God is everywhere should be in us, this understanding will guide our activities and as well help us to be straight and faithful in everything.

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