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Bishop James Olalekan Oyelade, the founder, Presiding Bishop and Chairman Board of Trustee of The Christian Church international has described Easter as the greatest event that happened under the sun.

He made this description in his Easter message during the 2019 Easter cantata service held at the headquarters of the church in Ibadan.

L-R: Bishop James Olalekan oyelade,(founder Christian Church international) pastor Mrs Abigeal Oyelade( wife of the founder),

The Man of God said those who believes in Jesus will have the courage to face death and as well have deliverance from the sting of death.

“Death is a phenomenon and not a substance, a personality is behind it, death is not death without that personality which is Satan; those who fear death automatically becomes its victim” he added.

“Believing in Jesus will make you bold that is; you will not fear death and this in turn will make death run away from you” He continued.

Coss section of members during the Easter service

Bishop Oyelade said the joy of every believer should be the fact that Jesus called himself the resurrection and the life and He proved it by raising the dead and resurrecting – this make up the reason for Easter celebration.

He however encouraged believers to put on the spirit of courage so that they would not be a prey to untimely death.

Easter is not a season to morn, it is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ who is the only religious leader that died and rose again” He added.

8 thoughts on “Easter is the greatest event under the sun – Bishop J. O Oyelade

  1. The man of God has said it all but the Easter period should not be celebrating anyhow but a time to evangelize. Jesus’ last command should be our concern. Let us make disciple of all nation as commanded by Jesus so His resurrection will be in vain. God bless Churchpalaba!

  2. I should remember that Jesus died for me on the cross of calvary. So easter season is not for ‘Merry-Merry’ alone.

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