CHURCH OPINION: Is it necessary to tell my would-be partner about my purpose and challenges while proposing?

By | March 31, 2019

No one begins a marital relationship without securing the agreement of the second party, this form of relationship is highly dangerous to be built on assumption.

It is important for the man and the woman to have separate conviction about the relationship before the relationship begins.

Some of the common question I hear people ask when it comes to proposal is How and what should be the manner of my presentation, should I tell my would-be partner about my purpose, should my life challenges be a part of my proposing statements.
Let’s read from our respondents.


Name: Emmanuel
Opinion: I will tell her all about my family problem, and if she loves me, she will accept me.

Name: Peter
Opinion: I can’t tell her all about myself, because I don’t know If she Will accept me or not. Because she might end up making jest of me. But after her acceptance, I will tell her everything.

Name: Precious
Opinion: If I am so sure that the sister is the real person, I can tell her because what will be will be. But sincerely I can’t tell her immediately, after she accepts my proposal we will find another time to talk about it. She also will have a past, she will have a life in the past that she thinks I will not be able to bear, but since it is God, we are good to go!

Name: Anthonia
Opinion: Before you can start a relationship with a man, there must have being a relationship between us, we should have talked about all those challenges, because some men do not like you telling them about your challenges after proposal.

In the light of the scriptures

Though, there is no clear instructions from the Bible in reference to how proposals should be made, but Men of honor has written and talked about this matter.

Bro Gbile Akanni in one of his series on marriage firmly believes and advised that the would-be partner should not be put in darkness.

This does not mean the explanation of purpose should be made in the place of proposing.

The major and most important thing is God’s leading, once you are sure of God’s leading,(your personal convictions and that of other brethren) you can go ahead to propose.

Challenges and purpose should be discussed, prayed out and settled in courtship.

Partners should not lure each other into relationship, it should be done with all openness.

Next edition will focus on courtship, don’t miss it.

May the lord influence your choice of marriage partner.

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