CHURCH OPINION : how do I know God’s Will in the choice of a marriage partner?

By | March 17, 2019

The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men; this salvation is available in all aspect of human life, marriage not excluded.

In the world today, a large number of believers desires to do the will of God in marriage but are faced with the puzzle of Identifying God’s Will.
Some people are active in arranging a partner for themselves. They believe they can make their choice based on talent, strange voice and profession to mention a few. But are these the sincere means of identifying God’s desire in choice of our marriage partner?

Let’s read people’s opinion for this week before we draw our conclusion from the light of the scriptures.
I implore you to patiently read to the end.

Opinion: In a situation whereby God spoke to me about my life partner, I will try and pray and seek the help of my pastors so that they will direct me and to be double sure the person is God’s plan for me.
I can’t choose base on attribute because I believe in prayers.

Opinion: Peace is not what we feel inside it is only defined when we have relationship with God by studying his word as a child. And by doing so, we will know God’s mind and get his peace on every matter. Knowing the will of God for marriage will not be hard If we are in a relationship with him. If we have not being talking with God about other issues we cannot get his mind on marriage. People’s attribute, calling or character should not be a yardstick for choosing, I have seen people who chose based on talent but that was the only common thing they have together, homeliness Is not there.

Opinion: As a person, I so much love a talented person. But I know God cannot deceive me. I will know the will of God by getting close to Him and I do know God’s will through my spiritual fathers and mothers. Also, if I am having a dream over and over again, I will know that God is saying something.

Name: TOBI
Opinion : My parents are my first mentor, they give me directions, even when I have a dream, I do relate it to my parents. Even though I don’t believe in dreams but if I have any powerful dream, I will pray about it. So, if I have a dream of a marriage partner and I tell my parents about it, I will act based on their interpretation, I will accept the proposal and settle for marriage if they tell me to do so.

In the light of the scriptures

In knowing God’s mind in the choice of marriage partner the following steps will be of help.

  • Develop a correct heart disposition: Peace house discipleship work in one of their publications titled Building a fulfilling marital relationship said that; In achieving this there is need to: (1). get busy with the work of the kingdom, seek the establishment of God’s kingdom in your life and environment. (2). Sleep : this means you will cease from your struggles and Labour and through prayer and support make your request known to God. (3). Setup no idol in your heart: Bury the characteristics you desire in your wife or husband to be in Christ, let your will be lost in Him. (4). Wait on the Lord, trusting Him with all your heart.
  • You must have a friendly relationship with God : I believe strongly in the word of God. Even after you might have had dreams, vision, external prophecies, testimonies and counsel of or from other brethren it is expedient that we seek to hear God through the scriptures. God’s written word is a reliable confirmation. we cannot sideline the place of personal and intimate relationship with God. A sincere relationship with God should be our desire and will help us in getting God correctly.
  • God’s medium of speaking to you must have been tested and trusted in the past: if you believe God has spoken to you through a voice, or even through the scriptures, He must have told you some other things in the past through the same medium. It is not common that God begins a relationship with you by telling you about your marriage partner.

conclusively, I leave you to the hands of God who is ever faithful and loving; may the strength of His Grace keep you and hinder you from making the wrong choice in marriage.


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