CHURCH OPINION : marriage partner; Can I marry any Christian?

By | March 10, 2019

Getting it right in the choice of marriage partner is very crucial for every individual who will successfully fulfil God’s mandate upon his or her life, it is as well a very crucial step in marriage. God instituted marriage and he alone knows the unique and relevant partner for the individual.
It is very clear in the Bible that a Christian should not marry an unbeliever, but can a Christian brother pick any Christian sister as a marriage partner since they are both believers? We trust God to show us from this report the proper way to decide on who to marry.

Before we read from the man of God for this week let’s examine the opinion of our respondents on this matter.
Enjoy God!


Name: Joshua
Opinion: I can’t marry any Christian. Apart from being a Christian it’s very difficult to separate a man from his culture. I will check the compatibility, I can’t marry a woman I can’t communicate well with. Even the Bible says two cannot walk together except they agree. We might have agreed because we both believe in Jesus Christ, but we might not agree on other things like interest and finance. I have to look at other areas of her life as well.

Name: Kehinde
Opinion: I cannot marry any Christian. I need to select the person that is my choice. I will select my choice and take her to God in prayers, if God rejects it, I will keep praying to God until I know his choice. But not any Christian is my desire.

Name : Elizabeth
Opinion : I can’t just marry any Christian. I will patiently and prayerfully wait on God’s counsel. It can’t just be any Christian. No matter how fervent the brother appears, it must be God.

Name: Eniola
Opinion: I cannot just marry a Christian, the person must be God fearing and employed. I can’t marry a jobless Christian, plus where there is love there is everything. As much as he loves me and I love him in return it is okay. The fear of God is also important because if he doesn’t have the fear of God, he will come in with another woman some day and I am not ready to share my home with anyone.

Name: Oluwadamilola
Opinion : When it comes to marriage, there is nothing bad in marrying any Christian but personally I will seek God’s will. The fact that someone is born again does not mean he is the one to go on the long journey with you. We have to go to God for his choice. My mentor do say if we allow God to make a choice for us, when we have issues in marriage we will be able to go to God in prayers and God will settle it. There are challenges that it is only the partner God has destined for you that can bear with you.

God bless our heart.

Lere Ajengele, a father, marriage counselor and pastor have these to say on this matter:

“A Christian is a member of God’s family, a member of the body of Christ. The Bible forbids that a believer should marry an unbeliever so, choosing therefore is compulsory to be within the fellowship of the brethren.
Even with this, a Christian cannot just marry any Christian because:

  • Every child in the hand of God are not of the same disposition.
  • They are of different peculiarity and
  • There is a particular purpose of God on every individual that every one that comes together must fulfil. That was what God was saying to Jeremiah that before I formed you I have known thee….(jeremiah1:5) So it means there is a particular purpose upon him, in the light of that; it means that there will be a particular woman or man to help carry out such purpose that God has for the individual.

Also in the case of Adam, God went to Adam and provided a woman meet for his help. A woman must be a help meet for a man and there are different levels of help that an individual will need, so there is need to approach God to make a direct choice for us. Because we are going on different journey at different times.
Christians should go before God in prayers before choosing a partner. Though there can be other criteria by considering the levels of maturity like: Spiritual maturity, Emotional maturity, Financial maturity and the likes.
All these are humanely speaking the certification we will consider but we are talking about prayers because the Bible says there is a way that seems good before a man but the end thereof is destruction and that beauty is deceitful . These are some of the things that makes it needful to go back to the creator of everyone so that He can directly Choose a man or woman who will accommodate all strength and weaknesses we might have. And before a man or woman can do this it means they are compatible and the compatibility must be an arrangement from God.”

Dear reader,
We believe that God has shown you his mind through this report, our Prayer is that the Lord will help you when you are about to make the decision of a marriage partner; you will not miss God.

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