The Nigerian Street preacher arrested in London for preaching Jesus shares his experience

By | March 5, 2019

The Nigerian man Oluwole Ilesanmi who was arrested in London for preaching the Gospel of Christ , has spoken out following his release. “
In a video produced by UK anti-persecution watchdog, Christian concern Olu identified himself, he said “I was the one arrested”
“The police came on the scene and yanked me away,” he continued. “I was taken out of the vicinity into a very remote place, thinking I would not even be able to get back.”
Despite having no money and being left by the police in an unfamiliar neighborhood, Olu said that “God raised for me people in the streets that could be of assistance.”
After finding his way back to Southgate Tube Station in North London, Olu said he “started preaching again the word of God.”
The video of Olu’s arrest sparked outrage across the globe, with many sending in messages of support for the bold preacher.
“My appreciation goes to everybody all over the world,” Olu said.
“I am well, I am OK,” he added. “No evil, as the Word has said, will come near my dwelling. God has been so faithful.”
“I thank you all for what you have done for me,” he concluded.
Faithwire reported that the Christian Legal Center, which is part of Christian Concern and advocates on behalf of those persecuted for their faith said that in light of Olu’s shocking case, it would be lobbying the UK government for the granting of more protections to those who are preaching in the public square.
“We will shortly be launching a petition to the government calling for greater protection for Christian street preachers in the UK from the police,” a spokesperson told Faithwire.

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