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God himself conceived the idea of marriage. Marriage is meant to provide a suitable help for the God given purpose of the man.
The issue of knowing God’s intention as per marriage partner is not a small matter but the way God illustrated his intentions in the choice of marriage partner by making a woman from the rib of Adam shows that God has a specific choice for marriage.
But when one of the two parties involved decided to yield to their personal desires, will the faithful, God’s will- driven partner be left uncared for, has s/he lost the chance of getting married to the bone of his bone?
God is not wicked and He do reward the smallest unit of faithfulness, He owes no man.
Before we see this matter from the light of the scriptures let’s examine people’s opinion.

Name: Christiana
Opinion : I am not engaged but I believe there is a particular person God has made for me , even if my partner misbehaves, God will direct me to another person and I will not marry outside His desires.

Name: Bukunmi
Opinion : I am not engaged, but I believe there is a specific person for the individual because once we miss it in marriage it takes God to solve issues because there are some attributes that God has made in the individual that fits into his counsel for the individual. The major thing is to seek God’s face and know God’s will, even if one of the predetermined partner resists themselves God can transfer the attributes he has in the partner to another person. That is why we need to be patient in marital issues. Marrying at the age of 30 does not mean you are late.

Name: Susan
Opinion: I am engaged, I and my partner were first friends, I did not receive any instruction from God. You know, relationships can be complicated, I just told God that if that my friend is indeed the right person God should make him do somethings and he eventually did those things so, I agreed to his proposal. I know if God wants us to marry a particular person and he will make it clear to us.

Name: Folashade
Opinion : I am engaged. I believe when I take someone to God in prayer if that particular person is His will for me, He will give me the go ahead and if He doesn’t want the person for me, He will restrain me. So, there is a specific partner in God’s heart for the individual of us.

Opimion: I believe there is a specific partner . And at the same time if we get married because a partner is God’s will and there is no love in it, we can end up not enjoying the marriage. But everything depends on prayer.

Name: Sarah
Opinion : There is a particular person that God has made for us to marry. Everyone is designed with a gift and we cannot bear it alone unless we bear it together with the right person that God has defined for us. If we did not marry the right person such a person will not fulfill purpose but God will compensate the other faithful partner with another person who has the needed potential for the purpose.


From the scriptures

Genesis 2: 18
And the Lord God said, “it is not good that man should be alone, I will make him an helper comparable to him”.

This verse points to us that God is responsible for choosing a partner for us in marriage.
This same verse provides a reliable answer to the question raised in the introduction.
When one of the partners misbehaves or disagrees to God’s will, that does not mean the other partner will have to remain unmarried.
The same is applicable even if the cold hand of death snatches one of the to-be marriage partners or in some cases already marriage partners.
God said “I will make” which is used to express a future tense, it shows what God is capable and intends to do. So, God is able to make His preferred choice into a help comparable for you.

If you decide to run out of God’s leading for you in marriage because of whatever reason, the above verse simply implies that God will still make a help exactly needed for the person you rejected.
The good news is that God is still in the business of making men, and His will is progressive, He is capable of making a help meet for everyone that desires His help.

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