CHURCH OPINION : Nigeria decides; Christians what next?

By | February 24, 2019

There will be no need for election if everyone has decided to cast their weight behind a man. The diversity in the choice of a representative as well as the system of government being practised makes voting a must.

Though the voting exercise was before now delaye by one week, Nigeria eventually decides yesterday (23rd February) who will govern the nation for the next four years.

Definitely, there are many runners but someone among the runners in the competition will get the prize.


Let’s check what the reactions of fellow Christians will be if their candidate did not eventually win the race.


Opinion: I voted for my choice candidate. It is a normal thing for someone to either win or loss in an election. So if my candidate loss it will pain me because my major purpose of voting for him is not based on any political agenda but self evaluation and believe that such a person is just the best candidate for now that can move Nigeria forward.
Even if my choice candidate did not emerge as the winner I will always pray for the winner. I am a Democrat and a priest and it is my responsibility to always pray for constituted authorities because it is biblical. Not just biblical but a spiritual law that I must never go against, it is only God that normally determine the winner in an election so I must always guide whosoever win spiritually through my daily prayer.

Name: Triumph

Opinion: If my candidate did not win the election I will just accept my fate and support the winner for the betterment of our country haven gotten the understanding that whatever we do on our own interest cannot supersede that of our creator (God)

It is obvious that to control just an organization isn’t easy compared to governing the whole country so, I think in my own little way I will be including our leaders in prayers and be requesting for them the knowledge from above to take this country to its promise land.


Opinion: I did not vote because I do not like politics. It a game of strategies and most people do not know. I can say I do not care about whoever is in power but at the same time I care because my parents are government worker and that is our source of income for d family so I need someone dat can care for people working under them and I don’t care in another hand cuz Nigeria is not for me alone and not for my family, we ar all there.
But for whoever wins I will support the person with my prayers and in fact I will pray for the establishment of God’s will in my country.

Name: JOY

Opinion: I believe that All will be fine, even if my supposed candidate fails. Leave it or take it, the decision made from the head or by the head affects other parts of the body So, praying for the people in authority is more of asking if I love myself, because if I do I will pray for my leaders and I think we all should see a reason to pray for our leaders and for our country.


Opinion: I will accept it in good fate if my choice candidate fails because I believed the voice of the people is the voice of God and what is before us in the next 4years had been pre-destined. Spiritually in the place of prayer, I will support whoever emerges as the winner. At least in every tenure of leadership, we tend to have some people the government will favour and the other reverse the case. so our prayer is that God should allow us to succeed and excel in the new government.


In the light of the scriptures

We can and should be to our leaders what David was to Solomon. David cleared the way for Solomon, he prayed and pleaded with God on behalf of Solomon. When Solomon eventually became the king, his tenure became the physical, spiritual and emotional appearance of David’s prayer in Psalm 72

As believers we have the power to turn things around through prayers. It is not impossible for us to control the leaders, we can establish God’s mind for this country.

In additions, Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. ….For the authorities that exist do so by God’s appointment. (Romans 13:1)

Nothing happens without the fore knowledge of God, by Him all things were made and without Him nothing was made that was made.

God bless Nigeria!

One thought on “CHURCH OPINION : Nigeria decides; Christians what next?

  1. Taiye Tosin Joseph (Comr. African)

    Well, my candidate is winning already and I am sure of a victory. I shall not talk much because if I should I will introduce some political parties of which may lead to something else. However, I must say this categorically that politics is not only meant for unbelievers. You, yes you, you can make a different!


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