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It is an attempt to stir violence-CAN says El-Rufai lied about the killing of 66 people in Kaduna

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kaduna chapter has accused Governor Nasir El-Rufai of making up the story of the killing of 66 persons in the Kajuru Local Government Area of the state.
Rev. Joseph Hayab,the CAN chairman of the state, stated that El-Rufai intended to deceive Nigerians and the international community, hence the release of a false story.
A statement released by Kaduna CAN described El-Rufai’s move as “an illogical intentional, premeditated attempt at stirring violence in the state for whatever expected gains. The incidence of raising false alarm by the Kaduna State Government should gomake Nigerians realise that some of our leaders are also guilty of hate speech and that makes them major actors in the game that has denied us peace and has .

Benny Umoren tweeted on this issue
I shock you? Nobody was killed in Kaduna yesterday. El-Rufai just woke up to lie that 66 Fulanis were killed in Kaduna, nothing like that happened it was all their plans for the staggered election they were planning. El-Rufai is afraid he will lose Kaduna and hence that lie
Zain Ameen wrote
Dear #Nigerians so far this is what I can reliably share with you as regards #Kajuru66 Nobody got killed on Friday like @elrufai claimed but an unaccounted No of Fulanis were killed Sunday – Monday, Y d gov chose to wait until Friday to claim it happened that day is a mystery!

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