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Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. Fear in this context is either an unpleasant feeling of danger or awe.
The worship, the praise, the respect, the tithe, the offering, and countless number of things we offer to God is propelled by what? Love or fear?
How do we picture God, How do we get a lasting intimate relationship with God?

Our respondents for this week have this to say.

Opinion : God is a loving father, the creator of the universe. Believers should love God and not live in fear because God is love.we should love him in essence it is only when we love him that we would obey his words,we cant love a person we don’t know and Christ said “ if we love him we would keep His words not if we fear Him” If we live in fear we Would not know the essence of serving Him. Also, our love to God will make us become more closer to Him.

Opinion : A believer should see God basically as a father.
There is Fear in Love, the kind of fear called reverential fear. In my opinion, a believer should be God fearing and God loving.
In building an intimate relationship, I think Loving God is paramount. Because our Love for God will create in us an interest for Him and a desire to meet Him always.

Opinion : God is the father of every believer, we’re his creatures.
Our primary assignment is not to love God or fear God but to give ourselves to growth in the knowledge of Him. In the knowledge of all he accomplished for us in his death burial and resurrection.
In this growth is where we now see us loving Him and reverencing him. They are outflows of growth not d root but the fruit of spiritual growth.
Fear however is not of God. By fear I. mean seeing God as a wicked master that can do evil or good depending on how we make him feel.
With the knowledge of Him being our father what we do is reverence him as an outflow of the ability we have by his spirit. Philippians 2:13 For it is God which works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.
Building a relationship with God is in learning His word. Since we know God through Christ in the word. Therefore spiritual growth is having an intimate relationship with God. Growing in the knowledge of all Christ did, praying in the spirit, is having a relationship with God.
The only requirement to having a relationship with God is being saved. Believing the gospel.
That Christ died for our sins,was buried and rose again for our justification.

Opinion : We should relate with God as Father. Both Love and fear to God is very important, but in the book of mark 12:30 . the word God said we should love God. As a believer we should love God. The reason is this, it possible for someone to fear you but he did not love you .and when you love someone you will be careful not to break the connection between u and the person. And God Himself is Love, we must love Him,because when you love Him you will desire to know more of Him because the person you love, you will be willing to know more about the person.

Name: ANNE
Opinion : I believe a believer should picture God as a father, we should be God loving because this will draw us closer to him. To me I believe fear sometimes creates frights in us, and this can hinder a close relationship, but when we are God loving, we naturally tend to do His biddings.

Love is a feeling, fear is also a feeling; both are reflected in actions but their source is different.
Of a surety there is fear in love and the correct fear in love is seen through Obedience to the commandments of one’s lover.
The kind of fear in love is not the common fear of dangers but the fear of maintaining the love by our deeds.
Jesus made it clear that God is our father(matthew6:8-9), He also affirms that Our love to God should be great (mark12:30) .
So, God should be sought with love , love to our neighbors as a proof of our love to God( 1john4:20)
It is a pity that the concept of fear has being repackaged by most believers. The reason some visit places of worship is because they don’t want to be destroyed by God, they see God as ‘erujeje’ (someone filled with terror) of course He is but as children, We should see Him as a father and relate with Him as such.
Placing fear before Love will not and cannot take us far with God.
Let’s pursue love, let’s relate with God in love and let the fear that comes from the desire to keep a lover unhurt accompany our relationship with God as we go deeper in Him.

Enjoy the week!

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