Egypt arrests students for mocking Christianity Online

Four students were arrested by the Egyptian authorities for mocking Christian rites in an online video.

The authorities ordered them to be kept in custody for four days.
The university students were accused of being in “contempt of the Christian religion”,If tried and found guilty they could face up to five years in prison, said the judicial source.
These students posted a video on YouTube at the end of January. They were allegedly seen mocking Coptic hymns and prayers.

But they later removed the clip and posted an apology online.
Copts, a Christian minority which accounts for 10 percent of Egypt’s 98 million people, have repeatedly complained of marginalization in the Muslim country.
In recent years they have been targeted by Islamic State group jihadists.
Trials for ‘contempt’ of Christianity are rare in Egypt where more frequently charges are levelled for contempt of Islam usually against liberal Muslim intellectuals.

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