Many of us desire to be great but could not achieve greatness because we are doing things the way others are doing it.

One major secret to good success is the application of an extra effort which will make us get the extraordinary result.

Two houses were presented to us in Luke 6:47-49, the same wind, rain and flood fell on them, one stood strong while the other got destroyed beyond recognition. The question that came to my mind was why? Why was there a difference?

The first builder took his time and energy to dig deep until he got to the rock but the second builder did it anyhow, he laid his foundation on the sand. (This is the way many of us build)

That “extra effort” is the distinguishing factor.

Probably when the first builder was digging deep the second builder was busy making jest of him calling him all sort of bad names, thinking he likes work but at the end the difference became clear.

‘I cannot kill myself’ is a language of those whose end will be pitiful .(take it or leave it)

For every good success anyone will record the element of an extra effort can not be missing.

To have a smooth walk with God we need to apply an extra effort. This is exactly what Christ was talking about when He made that illustration. Those who obeys his teachings are like the man that digs deep, this points to us that in obeying God there is the need for an extra effort.

Yielding to the commandments of God requires an extra effort. The ability to say No to lie, No to lust, No to all ungodliness is an extra effort.

The time you take in observing your quiet time, the time you spend while praying and other time you spend in the place of fellowship is an extra effort, a time will come when the wind of trials and temptations will be blown at you and other colleagues, the sacrifice of an extra effort that you have made will spell the difference.

This extra effort is not only needed in our walk with God, it is needed in all our endeavors.

Greatness will not just fall on our lap, an extra effort is needed to attain it.

Abraham applied an extra effort, he hoped against hope, he did so many things that were not convenient for him, things his mates cannot do and so he got a result his mate can never get.

Do you want to be exceptional? Apply an extra effort, go the extra mile!

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