John Chau was killed because of ‘Extreme Christianity’ – Father

By | February 13, 2019

John Chau’s father Dr Patrick Chau has challenged the US missionary community for the death of his “innocent child”.
The adventure blogger 27, was killed on North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean after landing in November to convert tribesmen to Christianity. But fishermen claim they saw tribesmen drag Chau’s body with a rope days after they took him close to the island.
His father said to the Observers: “If you have [anything] positive to say to me about religion. I do not wish to see or hear it.
“John is gone because the Western ideology overpowered my [Confucian] influence.”
Extreme Christianity” was to blame for his son’s “not unexpected end”, he added.

Following his death, critics attacked Chau, for travelling to the island and attempting to convert the isolated Sentinelese people to religion.

Someone tweeted: “John Allen Chau is not a martyr.
Just a dumb American who thought the tribals needed ‘Jesus’ when the tribals already lived in harmony with God and nature for years without outside interference.”

Another wrote: “I’m sorry. But what a deluded idiot.”
His family described Mr Chau as a “beloved son, brother, uncle, and best friend”, who “loved God, life, helping those in need, and had nothing but love for the Sentinelese people”.

Mr Chau was born in Alabama but grew up in Vancouver, Washington and was passionate about outdoor activity and Jesus Christ.
He used a kayak to reach the island as fishermen refused to travel within half a mile of it.

Mr Chau wrote to his parents and said he saw some of the tribe on the beach.
He was chased off by the islands and swam back to the fishermen, but returned the following morning before he was killed.
All five fishermen were arrested over his death.
The evangelical group that trained Chau,( All Nations ) claimed he was a martyr.

Dr Mary Ho, the organisation’s leader, said the “privilege of sharing the gospel has often involved great cost.”
“We pray that John’s sacrificial efforts will bear eternal fruit in due season.” She added.

The Sentinelese hunter-gatherers on North Sentinel Island are one of Earth’s last uncontacted tribes.
Some of their practices have not evolved beyond the Stone Age and they use bows and arrows to hunt wildlife.

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