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The love and good intentions God has for mankind made Him create every other things before making man. The same love made Him reconcile with man after the break up in the garden of Eden.
This week, the act of reconciliation pushed by God’s unflinching love becomes the issue for discussion.
Standing on a phrase in IICorinthians5:19 some believers are of the opinion that God is no more counting our sins against us and to them as a result of this, believers becomes sinless.
The Bible verse read thus:
KJV:To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.

How true is their belief, what should be believers attitude to disobedience, what did God expect from every believer?
Answers to these and lot more will be attempted in this report, but before we read further from the scriptures and the man of God, let’s read the comments of our respondents on this matter.

Opinion: I think this scripture is telling us that after salvation Christ has taken our transgressions on himself and reconciled to God, However this is not a passport to a life of sin, Christians should flee from sin. For sinners God loves them but hates what they do He does not want any sinner to die in their sin. We must note that it is possible to be perfect as God if we consciously work towards it, Constant study of the word of God will boost our faith in him and that will make us to trust all his judgement concerning us .
If we can trust God concerning the affairs of our lives obeying him will be like breathing to us.

Opinion: Romans 3 vs 23 also says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Hence, we were once a sinner but were Redeemed to God through Jesus Christ so there is no more forgiveness for sin again after you have been redeemed to God. OUR WORK is to bring sinners to repentance . You can’t keep enjoying sin again when you have given your life because He is the propitiation for our sin and We have become dead to SIN through him and become righteous through His resurrection. We are no longer a SLAVE of SIN we have been saved. A Christian should desist from sin. We should resist the devil , flee from sin and persist in God.

Opinion : Sin is not what we struggle to stop, the more we focus on God by : setting our affection on things above (in daily studying of the Bible, prayers, being around fellow believers and doing one activity or another in God’s house), the easier it is for us to live a victorious life over Sin.

Name: JOY
Opinion: If God wants us to continue in sin He would not make the provision of salvation through Jesus. Christians should detest sin just the way God detest it. For sure, we can be perfect as God because if we can’t He would not say we should, it is because He knows that we can be perfect that is why His word puts it to us. Personal determination, prayers and carefulness will help us in our walk with God.

Opinion : This verse really specify that Christ is God in human flesh through his death on the cross made sure we are put back on the track on the closeness with God. It bridged the broken space sin has created between man and God Christian’s attitude towards sin should be pessimistic. Its not that easy to be away from because temptation will arise but it is the right of Christian to ask for the power of God to go through the temptations of life without falling into it, God loves a sinner and wants him to have genuine repentance, believers should just continue to ask for the power of God and dwell in his word

Opinion :God terribly hates sin so, Christians attitude to sin should be the Same as Christ(God) attitude to it because Christians has become one with Christ. It is possible through Christ to be as perfect as God. Watching and praying will also help us to overcome the power of sin.

God help us on this matter!

….. “not counting their sin against them” is reporting unto us what God did before He accepted man unto himself again, He has to forgive his(man’s) sin and then commit to him the work of bringing people to God. This does not mean God is no more imputing our trespasses to us but simply that He did not count our transgressions against us when he saved us; if He had not forgiven us it would be impossible to save us.
Also, reading from verse 12 of the same chapter we will understand that verse 19 is a continuation of the account of God’s work of reconciliation.

The following tips will help us interpret the Bible correctly
No bible verse should be interpreted to suit our personal interest, every interpretation that would be given to any bible verse should be as the spirit of God reveals it.
Picking up a phrase of a verse or standing on a verse to reach conclusion of any sort should not be done. You can ask yourself : what is this chapter talking about? Then join each verse to that central theme.

Punctuation marks employed in writing each verse has its own use,. As we respect the use of punctuation marks while reading our comprehension passage or any secular book the same should be applied while reading the scriptures.

Above all we must be ready to listen to God’s mind through His Holy Spirit.

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