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Among we believers in the world today, there are various reactions to the term “prophecy”.
Some believes that there is no need for prophecy in our generation because Jesus has done away with the law and the prophets and for this reason they give no attention to words of prophecy.

Some people on the other hand are so engrossed in words of prophecy that they cannot take any step In life without consulting those they believe are endowed with prophetic unction.
This issue appears like a talking drum that turns it’s front side to some and at the same time presents it’s backside to others.

Everyone’s opinion is not totally wrong because they are majorly formed from personal experiences.
Words of prophecy can Make or Mar an individual depending on what attitude is given to those words.
People expressed themselves to churchpalaba on this subject matter, let’s read them.


Opinion: Words of prophecy are in various form, some will be in conformity with one’s heart cry while some are truly far from it. I don’t live my life based on prophecy. In fact, I don’t believe every words of prophecy. Even when positive word of prophecy comes my way I have learnt to understand that I have to work towards it. And in the case of the negative ones, I will rebuke them and pray against them.


Opinion: prophecy is a very big term, what comes to my mind when I hear the word prophecy is that there is a message from God, a revealing of what God wants to do whether now in the present or later in the future. Though not all prophecy is from God but the individual as a child of God should be able to know where every prophecy is coming from. We should not wait for someone to tell us what God wants from us or what He wants us to do. God can speak to anyone, there is No more barrier between God and man. There is need for us to give in actions which corresponds to the words of prophecy we receive so that they can be fulfilled.

Name: FEMI

Opinion: I know people would have said a lot about prophecies. I actually believe that the simplest means of exercising prophetic gift is speaking and interpretation of tongue by the same person. I believe prophecies should comfort because it is meant for the edification of the church. I believe in the word of God, so I don’t need to expect words of prophecy from people and in case it comes I will have to confirm it in the word of God. I also believe it depends on your belief, if you believe in the prophecy then you know you need to work towards it’s fulfilment because it won’t just fall on your laps. Also, prophecies should come with instructions.

Name: SEUN

Opinion : prophecy to me means divine pronouncement, even though not all prophecies are correct but the discerning spirit of God will help me to know which one is right and which one is wrong. Whether prophecy or not I have to work towards achieving good success. I have once received a scary prophecy but I didn’t allow it to move me because I know God’s plan for my life.
We need to know God ourselves by getting addicted to His words and stop waiting for prophetic utterances.


Opinion: Prophecy is a prediction made by prophets, but it is not all that can be believed. The prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible made predictions as it was as given to them by God and it was later confirmed in the New Testament. To know whether a prophecy is from God or not, it needs to be tested in the Word of God. I believe in myself that I am a prophet of myself because the Holy Spirit is in me. We should rebuke negative prophecies through the word of God. By the way, fulfilment of prophecies are not automatic, we need to seek God to give us directions on how to go about them. If a prophecy will be a correct one, it has to be confirmed, that is; it has to come to pass because the Bible says none of God’s word will return to Him without fulfilling what it is sent to do.

Name: JOHN

Opinion : I really believe in prophecy!
The first thing that comes to my mind is:
Are these prophecies from God? Now, I will look at the personality of the person giving the prophecy in Christ. You don’t need to be told that there are lots of fake men of God these days. Any prophecy that is not based on the words of Jesus is not correct, I won’t accept it. ( Rev 19:10b “for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”. ) more so, the Bible endear us to try every spirit whether they are of God 1John 4:1.
So, before one can summit or receive a prophecy, there is need to pray about it.


Opinion : I don’t consider words of prophecy because I need to be careful ,though not all prophecies are fake. I have met a lot of prophets and by the content of their words I can easily determine where to place them. Though it was a word of prophecy that revived me, when I was young my mother had packed me into a sack bag wanting to throw me away but the word of prophecy she heard in the process made her believe that I will survive that terrible sickness and here I am today. Like I said that not all words of prophecy should be believed and when we believe in any, we should ensure that we walk towards it’s fulfilment.

Beautiful isn’t it?

We have seen that people have different things to say about words of prophecy, we know you have something to say as well; we will be glad to read your view in the comment box below. But before then, let’s examine from the Bible the functions that words of prophecy should perform, why God permit them and lot more.

1corinthians 13:2(a) gives the definition of prophecy to be a gift that helps in the interpretation of divine will and purpose.
AMP:And if I have prophetic powers (the gift of interpreting the divine will and purpose), and understand all the secret truths and mysteries and possess all knowledge….

Prophecies that can not be traced towards explaining God’s purpose for our lives is definitely something else. This emphasizes on the need for the individual of us to draw nearer unto God as well as get serious with Him so that we will understand His purpose for our lives and thereby judge every word that comes to us in the name of prophecy.

1corinthians 14:3 shows us the functions prophecies should fulfil
AMP:But [on the other hand], the one who prophesies [who interprets the divine will and purpose in inspired preaching and teaching] speaks to men for their upbuilding and constructive spiritual progress and encouragement and consolation.

The word “constructive spiritual progress” depicts that prophecies should have meaningful effect that will help us draw nearer to God. prophecies should console those that mourn, it should encourage those that thinks they have no hope it should not create fear in the mind of the receiver.

We as believers should not wait on words of prophecy from someone else, we should make it a desire to know God’s mind per time, this desire will help us draw nearer to Him and by so doing we will grow to know God’s will for our lives. Even when words of prophecy comes to us we will place them on the scale of God’s word and determine whether or not to accept it.
Relying on a third party to relate with your father will not help things, He gave us the scriptures and it is profitable in all things, let’s engage it.

Happy New year on church opinion.

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