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At a point in time, every individual becomes serious on one or two things, this seriousness can be described as a resolution.
A resolution is a strong will, a statement of vow, and of course the state of being resolute. To be resolute is to show great determination.
Resolutions can mean different things to different people. To some, it can be the thought of neglecting a bad behavior for a better one and to another it might mean improvement ; those interpretations can never be incorrect, because, the duo are aimed at making one’s life better and that is what should be the end result of every resolution.
Spiritual growth is the synonyms of Resolution in the Christian faith, it is the desire to be closer and better with our creator.

Many a times we (believers) make resolutions, most especially in the beginning of every new year. It is shocking that we carry those plans over to another new year because we were not able to achieve them, this shows that making a resolution is as simple as the letters A, B and C while achieving them can be so confusing and difficult as anything we can ever think of.
This confusion that results to carrying resolutions over year by year is what church opinion for this week will be attempting to settle so that we can make beautiful progress in the coming year.
Churchpalaba was out during the week to gather people’s experience of the year as pertaining their Christian life resolutions, enjoy the report.

Opinion : the only thing I wanted to achieve this year as pertaining my Christian life is to stop lying and by God’s help I have achieved it. I have being carrying this resolutions over for the past five years but this year I was able to achieve it, I can body say that I am a honest man now unlike before that I struggle with lies. Though it was not easy but now it is so easy for me. Focus and determination will help us to achieve our resolutions.

Opinion: This year I become resolute to serving God the more by attending church programes and by God’s grace today I can say I am able to achieve it despite the nature of my work, One of the things that helped me was that I acknowledged God as my maker and understood that work will outlive the worker. With the knowledge of this and by God’s grace I am able to achieve it.

Opinion: I was determined to serve God the more, even though it was not easy but I was able to serve God more and I was also relevant in His house. I have not had written plans for 2019 regarding to my Christian life but I will ensure I do that.

Name : DAMMY
Opinion: I had resolutions for this year and by God’s grace I am able to achieve them. I decided to stop a wayward lifestyle this year and I was able to achieve it. One of the things God used to help me in achieving the resolution is my mother, she is always available to advise me and encourage me to stop going to club houses, heavy make ups and the likes. She will always speak to me from the scriptures and by God’s help I yielded , but she was the one God used for me.

Name: MARY
Opinion: Yes, I did made resolutions for 2018 and I have been able to achieve all. For example, I learnt an instrument and I have been able to use that skill in God’s Service. I have also read books that made me relevant among brethren in my church. I have plans to achieve next year resolutions though I have not written them down. I believe that a short pencil is better than a long memory and at such, resolutions should be put in writings as we work towards achieving them.

Opinion: I made the resolution to be serving God the more this year but I was unable to achieve it due to the nature of my work. I am a soldier by profession, I was far away in the bush throughout this year. So I was unable to achieve the resolution I made this year but I am finally back. so, I will make it my resolution for next year and I believe I will be able to achieve it.

Opinion: I made resolutions that I will really be involved in Winning souls to the Kingdom and by the Grace of God, I have been able to do more. I do not actually have plans towards next year, I actually work as God gives me directions, once I have that in place, I will do something.

Opinion: I made the resolution to serve God the more. What helped me to achieve this is my church program, the fasting and prayer programs that was organized really helped me. I became better with God by being active in the choir department and by paying my tithes regularly.

Opinion: I made resolutions for 2018 towards the end of 2017 and I have been able to achieve some of the resolutions I made and I hope to achieve those I couldn’t achieve this year (because, I later considered at the beginning of the year that those resolutions are higher and they requires more strength and enablement. So, I am now preparing the foundations ) in consequent years. My resolutions for 2019 is still in process as I am gathering sticks to make that work. I believe no mountain is too high as we walk alongside God to achieve our set goals.

From our respondents, tips that can help us in achieving our plans for the year as pertaining our Christian life has been discussed but we will not limit this report to them.
We made extra effort to consult a man of God, a man of good report.
In his words, he said, “Resolutions are important part of human life because they help us to think of moving forward. He established that there is nothing like stagnancy in life, life will rather be progressive or retrogressive, who ever thinks he is stagnant has not carefully examined his life. Irrespective of your age you can’t remain stagnant in God ; it is either you are growing with God or coming down in God. What helps our growth spiritually is having the desire to keep growing which is Resolution.”
“ One of the hardest thing to do for human being is to change and the same thing is the needed tool for achieving our plans” , he said this while addressing the question on how to achieve laid down plans.
He identified “Change” to be one of the things needed to be done if one will be able to fulfil the promises made to one’s self. Analyzing ones self to know what to change is important, ask questions like: what should I stop doing, what should I start doing , and but not limited to how do I begin?

Another important thing is to be accountable. Accountability is another thing that people do not want to do, we all do not want to be responsible to others.
When you tell someone of the resolution you make, they will always check on you and ask you about the progress and whenever you are not measuring up to standard they will call you to order.
“It is not good to carry over resolutions from one year to another, we should grow and when we grow it means we are maturing” he lamented.
“Trust and reliance in the grace of God is the most important thing that can help us to achieve our resolutions but we must not neglect our duties” he added.
Having understood that resolutions are important part of life, we hope that with the points above and others that will be added in the comment box we will be able to have a better 2019 with God.

Happy new year in advance.

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