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Growth refers to the degree of increase, it is a stage or condition in increasing, developing or maturing.
Anything described to be in stages or a process indicates that the success of such a thing is continuous.
Every individual loves growth, in fact in all situation whereby growth is lacking brooding and disheartening sets in. Therefore we would not be wrong to conclude that growth is a lovely, life sought happening for everyone.

Growth should be all round. Exemplifying the human body will help to better understand how growth should be. In a situation whereby a child grows only in the head while other parts remains underdeveloped as the child was at birth will create in us the notion that something is wrong with the child and we will be very fast at our conclusion that such a child is not growing, isn’t it?
Just like the human body that has various parts, so is the church as an organization which must have her parts developed evenly.

As we will consider a child that is not developing evenly to be abnormal so should we of a church that focuses on a part with little or no nourishment for the other parts.
Today on churchpalaba, the paradigm shift of churches from spiritual maturity to numerical increment which has thus possess a great challenge on the all round growth of the church is our concern. What people consider to be the description of a growing church, the view of the selected man of God for the week is contained in this report. Enjoy!

Opinion: I will define a growing church to be a church whose youth are doing fine. A church that has a standard bible study and prayer life, not considering their strength.

Opinion: I will like to define the term church. Church is not the building or the block, it is the people that is referred to as the church and when we are talking of the growing Church we do not mean to refer to the numerical growth of the church The growing church can be categorized into various sections, the spiritual, the financial, the financial growth. The members of the church before transformed, the saved should be sanctified and the sanctified should be baptized in the Holy Ghost and should be eager to join the work force. Souls she should be added to the church at every meeting for fellowships that symbolizes the numerical growth. We should therefore not zero our thinking that numerical growth is the only growth the church should have. Some churches have being planted for many years ago and do not have more than 100 members but if you examine this 100, you will find our that they are indeed burning for God. Spiritual growth is the most important growth the church should desire.

Opinion: The church is the gathering of people who come together to worship God. Talking about the growing Church, they are those that understands what God wants to perform. Such a church will not conform with the world. The growing Church is not described in the building alone. They are those that makes backsliders understand the essence of their existence, they are those that goes deeper on God everyday.

Name: JOY
Opinion : Any church that miracle exists is the definition of a growing church to so many and it is not correct. It is simply the church that has the Holy Spirit, their youth will be prayerful and be fine spiritually.

Opinion: A church that is spiritually OK to me is the definition of a growing church. Though other parts of the church should also develop but should not be given more priority than the spiritual growth.

Opinion : A church can be seen as those that want a Christ like lifestyle, they gather together to give homage to their creator. A growing church is the church built on the rock. What we can classify to be growing is spiritual not about the building.

Opinion : Church are the people not just the building, a growing church is the church that has God in their midst. Those that increase in the spirit, if your inner man is being activated you are growing. For a church to be big does not mean God is their midst, some churches are big but they don’t have love, no visitation, no evangelism because they believe they are OK with their numbers but the churches with smaller building do go for evangelism and bring souls to God.

Opinion : Growth is not a thing of the mind, it is physical, if a church is growing, there must be a physical proof. To measure growth in the church, different parameters are being used depending on the churches and the men of God, in respect to the vision they claim God gives them; some use the level of development of the people in the church. But majorly the first thing to know a growing church is their level of the knowledge of the word of God the people have. Also I see having more members in the church as growth, though some will say it should not be measured by the increment but it is important because that shows that a lot of people are giving themselves to Christ.

Interesting! Let’s take a walk to view the man of God’s comment on the growing Church and the parameters to measure church growth.
In his own words, he said : “the growing Church is the church washed by the blood of Christ and is maintained by same , it’s not a church that is filled with a lot of people. It is filled with people that has been called out, the called out are of course called out of the world but highly called out of darkness into the light, so whenever anyone goes to church we believe that such a person is going into the light, they live differently from the world. If things of the world are found in the church then such a gathering is no longer a church. In today’s ideology of a growing church , people will think a growing church is recognized when there are a lot of members attending a program organized by that particular church, but you will never see God welcoming such church”
He added that when God called the church out of world He expects such church to grow and that the growth will come by preaching the word that will make the people to desire more of God, when you see one member of the church moving to the north, West, east or south they conquer because as a member of a growing church, the church has taught them how to overcome the world where school, market and other institutions exist. The church teaches to understand the things of God.
He identified fruitfulness as the major parameter for measuring the growth of the church.
Furthermore he exemplified a growing church by the relationship of Christ to the church as pictured in Ephesians 5 ,a growing church is the church that submits to the instructions of Christ.


  1. Thanks for this.

    In my own view, the church should grow in all aspect as you have pointed out, the only thing is that more attention should not be given to the building or increased my members as most do.
    God help us!

  2. Well, I must commend your effort firstly. Anyway, when we are talking about church’s growth it not limited to numerical or how large is the building. The first growth that church should seek after is Spiritual growth, church cannot grow spiritually and still be lacking members or money because there are still godly sons and daughters of God those that are seriously thirsting and hungry for more of God that will attend church when church grow spiritually. I think numerical growth is solved in that aspect. Also, financially, it’s just a biter truth that you cannot connect to source and still lacking resources. So the financial is solved as well. The key into all the growth is to be spiritually vibrant. Thanks.

    1. Wow! This is a concise point… When the Spiritual is given priority, every other thing will fall in place for the Spiritual controls the physical. Thanks for the read. Together we will deliver God’s message to our generation.

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