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The church is an individual who as submitted to Christ and His life whereby becoming a member of His body.
The proliferation of the church as an individual made way for the church as an organization – group of believers coming together for a specific objective.
Generally speaking, the mission or purpose of an organization drives the functioning and the expected outcomes of activities of such organization. Business organization for I stance exist to make money for it’s wonder and it’s day to day running and operations are guided by that motive.

Though there are various kinds of organization and there is something however common to them which is “mission or purpose “ . This organizational mission or purpose will determine how such organization will employ or deploy the resources available to her in order to achieve her purpose of existence.
Finance which is one of the most critical and needed resources in every organization is usually utilized to achieve e the identified purpose.
The way in which church fund is being spent in our present generation has being a subject of controversy for many years now.

Should the way the church spends be an issue to her members, What purpose should the church fulfil and what is the opinion of church members as well as biblical standard for this issue? Church palaba was on the street during the week to know people’s view, enjoy the report.


Opinion: The church should not be particular about having great building but be more focused on drawing souls to God. Because soon, every thing on earth will perish, it is only the soul of a man that will not perish. The church should seek how souls be regenerated as well as make heaven.


Opinion: Whatever the leaders of the church does with the church fund should be none of the members business, most especially when they are not using the money for worldly businesses. The point is that church cannot please their members, some will want them to move right while others will want them to move left meanwhile, they cannot move right and left at the same time. But let’s be sincere most of the churches today are not doing what they should do with church fund, building should not be the priority when we have a lot of poor people in our churches, the church should engage in evangelism and helping people than any other thing.

Name : PAUL
Opinion: Building large auditorium is not a bad thing, biblical Solomon also did the same. It is a means of making people comfortable even as Jesus did when he fed the 5,000 , He endured that they were comfortable; so beautiful auditorium will make people comfortable and people will not be staying under the sun or in the rain during crusades. Though the church should be more focused on going for outreaches, evangelism and the likes so as to win souls, somebody churches are guilty of this while we some are not.

Opinion: Mark 16:15-16,Matthew28:18-19tells us basically what the purpose of the Church is, which is: to teach and make disciples of all nations. So to me, I think if the church is able to fulfil this mandate they are walking in line with God’s will, but having mighty building is not really important in the assignment but anyways, the building is not bad. Building is dependent on individuals sanity but it doesn’t worth running after because Christ will not ask for the building, he will ask after what he has instructed us.


Opinion: How the church spends should not be the concern of the body but our concern should be what we are spending it on. There are diversities of operations in the body of Christ but all by the same spirit and so we cannot say we should all spend the same way and or generate our funds the same way. So the way the church spends is not the business of the world we all should rather remember that God will judge every man. And since the Holy Spirit is not for spiritual aspects alone the church should also not be expected to operate in just one way but can be led to spend on other areas of life.
No man can understand everything God wants to do at a time or even in a generation. The purposes of God varies. If we say the purpose of the Church is in salvation what about those that are saved , should the church leave them out, No, the church will also seek a platform to nurture those that are saved .


Opinion : The church as a whole is like a redemptive part of God, where God recovers men, so building is a part of men’s creativity and that is not the main purpose and spending should not be exuberant. Members trying to investigate how the church fund is being spent is not right to me. I will be offline the opinion that they make their suggestions known through the suggestion box of the church.
The purpose of the Church is to bring men to Christ and at the same time help men in developing their creativity because there are people with one talent or the other who do not know how to go about it. The church should be able to interact and socialize but the most important is the redemptive work.
Majority of the churches that I know are busy getting members for themselves instead of focusing on their redemptive purpose.
Hmm! God help us in our generation to do the things that are paramount to God.

In an interview with a reliable man of God he said: “ looking at the Christendom, we lack balance, most of the things we do are in excess and when what is befitting is taken to the extreme it can loose it’s meaning. Finance is a part of the ministry, when money comes in, there should be a balance, it should not just be for one thing, it is for different aspect of the gospel like mission, giving to the needy. The aspect of church planting is also an important aspect as having a magnificent building for worship is not particularly wrong.

In the old testament, what God demanded for as things in the temple will make someone thing God is extravagant, he requested for pure gold for the things of gold and silver for the things I’d silver but that does not neglect the availability of food for those that are in need of it, it doesn’t neglect the teaching of the next generation about the the principles of God but Today, almost every church now believes that if God is with a founder the proof is having a magnificent worship auditorium. We concentrate on building at the expense of other important things”.

He continued by adding that, it would be a good thing in Christendom if we can bring balance to our spending, like, before going for a building worth 5billion naira, we should have had certain percentage in mission, in teaching, in ministering to other church organization who are not as buoyant as we do.
He then advised that the church of God should do these things which are most paramount to the heart of God of which are:

  1. Soul winning : Words that will transform life should be preached in the church even if they were attracted by the magnificent building.
  2. Church building: building the body of Christ, there must be an evaluation on the members to know their level of growth at least after 5years of being in Christ.
  3. Every individual mist force the will of God on our society, living the life of Christ is one of the ways of enforcing the will on God on our community. The second means of enforcing God’s will is through intercession, by praying for everyone in the corner of our room.
  4. Impacting the society by engaging in community development programs.
  5. It is important to note that the building is not the gospel, if it were the gospel a church building will not be easily sold out as to a mosque or as a bar, the gospel is people connecting with people, enforcing the will of God and transferring it to the next generation.

You are the church, we are the church ; as we fulfil the paramount things in the heart of God, let us learn to do all things without Murmuring.
What do you think about this issue, let’s read your opinion in the comment box below.

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