MONDAY DEVOTION: Stand with your convictions

And he released to them the one they requested , who for rebellion and murder had been thrown into prison; but he delivered Jesus to their will. (Luke 23:25Nkjv)

Governor Pilate on the other hand cannot condemn anyone to death without a convincing evidence because that was the provision of the Roman law.
After that Pilate had investigated Christ and found no fault in him, he sent Him to Herod as soon as he knew that Christ was from Herod’s jurisdiction. Herod in turn couldn’t condemn Christ and had to send Him back to Pilate.
His return to Pilate the second time and Pilate’s actions shall be the object of admonition under this topic. Let’s enjoy God as we shortly examine the last phrase of our key verse: ……….“But he delivered Jesus to their will”
The first thing to note is the word “BUT”. In English language, this word is a conjunction or a preposition used to introduce a word or phrase that contrast with what was said before.
Now, In spite of the fact that under the Roman law no one must be condemned to death without a convincing evidence plus the fact that Herod knew that the allegations against Christ was not true; he still delivered Christ to their will. But why?
Thought we know that this was God’s program, it was His plan to save mankind and Christ must suffer those things but I am convinced that God is passing a message across to us from the life and leadership of Governor Pilate. Shall we not learn it?
Pilate exhibited inability to stand with his convictions, he was unable to defend what was right, he could not stand the test of opposing views; he yielded, he compromised the standard given by the Roman law.
What Pilate did centuries ago can be seen in the Life of believers today, many cannot stand with the promises of God, they cannot say no to enticements.
For every matter arising in your life there is a standard that God has laid for it, there is a promise, there is a commandment that comes with it. You should not compromise the standard.
What is that matter in your life, seek to know what God has to say on it and stand by your godly convictions on them.
Pray and be determined to stand with your convictions.

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