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Shakushaku dance known to be a worldly dance introduced by one of the popular singer, has been encouraged in the church. DJ Real even claims that the dance step was named after the way street urchins moved after smoking copious amounts of weed.

This happened after the just concluded Royal Wedding of the first daughter of renowned preacher, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, where Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy danced shakushaku.

Bishop Feb idahosa who is the presiding Bishop of the Church of God Mission International and also the president of Beson Idahosa University, Benin city who was present at the royal wedding has taken his instagram handle to share one of his favorite memories.

He posted a picture where the couple, Pastor Chris and some other personalities were captured dancing the viral dance step “ShakuShaku” and he captioned it saying;

“There is a spiritual lesson from one of my #FavouriteMemories from the weekend wedding of @iampf and @carrissasharon. I will be able to tell my kids I was there for the debut of the #HolyGhost #ShakuShaku.

Before someone shouts #Blasphemy, let me remind you that we serve the #CreatorGod and the devil has created nothing and never will. He did not create the music we call secular, nor did he create dancing-the devil simply perverts things and shrouds them in darkness.

What is the role of light (which is what you are)? The role of light is to illuminate the things which are dark. When light comes, it shows us what things are supposed to look like. So we are to show the world what dancing should look like. Show them what music should look like. Why? Because we are the light.

God created Everything for Himself, to worship Him and to glorify Him.

“For you have created all things…and for your pleasure they are, and we’re created. Thou art worthy”


The Bible taught us not to learn the ways of the Gentiles. Beware, it’s End time. God give us understanding.

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