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In continuation of my testimony from part one;

What a great experience to be free, I became happy to be called a Christian, and I could say that indeed Christ could save. With a consciousness that I am crucified with Christ, I became busy and actively involved in God’s service, I became very much interested to read through the pages of my Bible, I started getting familiar with God’s word. This continue until when I got gradually was distracted and gradually I STRUGGLED into my old habit. The things which I could not do I start doing them. I knew I tasted victory before but this time I had again gotten entangled, or maybe perhaps I had never gotten the victory I desired (but I was sure of one thing that it was not discipline that delivered me from masturbation earlier on, but rather it was the Light of God’s word).
The struggle this time seems tougher, and telling people (brothers) around me my challenge was a big deal, I struggled but never forsook God’s word, I realized from God word that “salvation is a process and that it is progressive”. I discovered the reason for my entanglement again was because of the victory I had through God’s word which made me so confident in myself and caused me shifting my focus off the cross, and sincerely “at the serpent bite it takes a Divine force for a man to look away to the cross again because flesh has reflex action” 
I began again to pray and trust God to deliver me from constant lust and immorality, but I still kept it as a secret. When I later decided to confess it, it only made me clear the guilt of secrecy but not the sin. Nothing was meaningful to me, I wanted to serve God but was handicapped, until again when the light of God’s Word came. I saw that my iniquity has been taken to the Cross (Isaiah 53), and to me I realized that my sins (trespass,  misdeed) has been wiped away and the  producer is been crucified with Christ, again the scripture that gave me victory before God brought me to the Light again through another verse (this is not just head knowledge because if it is I was not suppose to struggle). I Believed God’s word and at that point I knew again that something had happened… And to the glory of God I move in the strength of God’s word, I lived well there after… 

👉🏿God’s word, (the scripture)
👉🏿Prayer (because only Him can reveal his word to our heart, and without Light, the word becomes mere letter)
👉🏿Brothers around, whom I opened up to and prayed for me.

Permit me to include that when the wine was finished Jesus said fill the pot with water, and I believe the water is God’s word,  the pot is we the vessel, Jesus is with us, and By the power of the Spirit the water will become wine. 
So even while struggling give yourself wholly to the Word and Prayer…

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