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​My Testimony

As a young boy of 12/13 years I was unfortunate to watch porn on a visit to a friend, he was alone at home watching it, so I joined, just that once made me have this desire to see after, and nursing this thought in mind I do not get a means to satisfy myself save masturbation. At this age at home, I do not have access to porn but I could gaze on film cases (of course dressed lady, but with a very short gown, or open breast and then I will imagine the rest). As I grow up I became addicted to masturbation, I do it as often I am opportuned to, and as a boarding house student I used every opportunity, sometimes I visit the library to refresh the thought with magazine and news paper viewing the pictures of loose girls. I remember a vacation in which on my way home I branched to get a porn movie disc, I took it home and will always sleep in my grand’s sitting room with television remote control in my hand as I watch porn overnight… (what a terrible addiction). 

I was enjoying it with no or less guilt, and little or less willingness to stop until I met a brother in my UNIVERSITY, I think my first week in school, He preached Christ to me, even though I did not tell him about me,  he preached as if he knows me, and that became a seed, until I finally decided for Jesus in a fellowship program shortly after then. But there was no follow up as it were (maybe I was not available), I once saw someone visited me (from fellowship) who do not know anything about me.

After I got saved by deciding for Jesus, I had this desire to stop this habit; any day i live without masturbation I will be very happy,  I at such became very careful, but I fall easily to the habit again, I remembered saying in my mind “I don’t mind the grade I have In school, if I am living without sin it is ok” (assignment and classes was not too important to me, I only read for EXAMS and ensure I do not cheat in exams) little did I know that “SIN WANT TO INCLUDE SOMETHING ELSE” (the thief come not but to steal, kill and to destroy). 

It continued like that and because I wanted God to help and use me, I threw myself to church services and anything that involves prayers, though at that, I  still engaged in this habit. I did and had a lot of prayer sections but still secretly engage in this act through one means or the other using every opportunity, sometimes one week off and a day down. Until I met a brother in the fellowship whom I opened up to (of course after meeting some people who counseled me), He told me from the scripture that as a Christian, I AM DEAD TO SIN (Gal2:20, Roman6…). It sank into me and I rose up in the strength of God and began to live in this free conscience “I AM DEAD TO SIN”. This habit disappeared like a magic, sometimes I will be alone and have full opportunity with full data subscribtion but I wouldn’t be able, I knew God was at work.

Added to this, God was teaching me to study His word,  I had this desire to read and finish the Bible, I remember every morning I prayed for at least an hour, go for personal evangelism. I was never idle…reading the Bible. I sometimes will deliberately trek some distance with someone in mind to preach to, I could serve God… I knew I had victory…. Hallelujah

Story continues…. Awaits next series… The Testimony of a Changed life!

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