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Dear unmarried Brother, I understand how it does the male folk. I know there are times you just feel like releasing. I can relate how difficult it can be as a male, especially when you are in your “period” 😀. But, you know what? If you wait, You won’t die.

Sister, I know you sometimes wants the soft cuddle and touch. Sister, I understand that peer pressures around is even not making things easier. Yes! There are times that when it’s high on you, you just wish you could see a male to give you sexual pleasure. Wait a moment… Your existence is not in emotional pleasure.

Can you remember when you just entered school as a baby and how much you crave to write with Pen but spend several years mastering writing with pencil? See, all is a function of time and seasons. Ecclesiastes says.. “There is time for everything”, there is a time that big wears fits the body. Relax and wait for your time!

I don’t know who lied to us that we can’t keep our emotion under subjection. Hear what your Creator says; “Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex.” (Heb 13 :4, MSG version). You know the Beauty? When you are married, You will have everyday for sexual intimacy if you want to.

Young man, do you remember you have a special call on you from God? Why now break your consecration for what will later be yours. Can’t you think? Don’t you see Satan is trying to truncate your Destiny? Don’t you know there are some assignments you can’t run for God if you have defiled the bed? And in the twinkle of an eye, You will be reduced to a piece of cake – Ordinary destiny, Empty Star, little relevance… What a shame! You better get God well and Face Destiny!

Don’t come down from Destiny – Feng Shui stairs image

Sister of God! Maybe you forgot your Beauty is not just there, You are beautiful to attract Unsaved Guys to the kingdom. Why should you then stoop soo low to disappointing God? Get sense! Why trade your birthright for a morsel of meal? Listen, whichever stage you are; Single or engaged, in as much as you aren’t married… ZIP UP! Satan shouldn’t continue to make you loose your height in fulfilment. Sex is worth waiting for… Relax!
Don’t feel dejected, there is Hope! Peradventure, you have defiled the bed in times past. When you weren’t careful enough to see sex as sacred. Let me remind you, God is the creator of tomorrow. When a Man sincerely repents and run to Jesus, Jesus gives such a one a brand new life. A life that fits the Man into the center of God’s Purpose.
This is the Word of God!
...To be continued in part 2!

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