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…….. And the disciples were called christians first in Antioch. 

Christians are those who are Christ like, those who talk, act and relate in the same manner Jesus would have done, they are people from which we can mirror Christ; they follow the steps of Christ the master.

        The first set of people to be called this name were the disciples. Are there not other set of people asides from them, why was it that it was only the disciples that was given that name? – I am sure it all happened because they were the only set of people that reflected the life of Christ.

Before they were given the name, the people had watched them closely for 1(one)year; they probably would have tried and tested them, their outstanding performance birthed the name “Christian” on which thousands of thousand claim today. 

  I am not disturbed about this claim, what bothers me is : the character some so called Christians exhibit, was this how the first Christians lived, was this their character, I am sure this can’t be, if it were they would not have won such a testimonial name “Christian” or don’t you believe that the name Christian is a testimony?

If it is a testimony then going to church will not make you have it, dressing with your head covered would not qualify you to be one neither will having no jewelries on you make you one. Your life in Jesus is the only thing that will make you one.

 It is a pain in my heart that many do not know who a Christian is, they think being active in church service is the definition of Christianity not knowing that the the church in the real sense means the body of Christ not the building of wood and stones.

 We have heard and seen ministers who abuse their members sexually, some who extort their members and a lot who misuse the church fund. The song their lifes had composed overtime is – and they called themselves Christians!

 What about our so called spirikoko brothers and sisters? They cling on grace and do reprobate things, chai! They themselves are not without a song- and they called themselves Christians!

 Thank God the song says “they called themselves” .

 The disciples didn’t call themselves Christians, people did when they saw a perfect resemblance of the life of Christ.

 If service without the life of Christ is your definition of Christianity then- not all christians are Christians!

 If what you live your life on is church doctrines that opposes the doctrines of Christ my dear not all Christians are Christians!

 If what you do is to interpreted the bible in such a way that suites your pleasure, my friend then not all Christians are Christians.

 If you believe that once you confess and accept Jesus you don’t need to keep renewing your mind with God’s Word, then not all Christians are Christians! 

 Christians are those whom living means living the life of Christ. They are those who follow Christ precept by precept, they are not church goers, they are not church cleaners, they are not singers, they are not General overseers, neither are they prophets, In fact they are not deliverance ministers; my dear, they are people with the correct life of Christ. 

Anyone who does not carry the life of Christ cannot and should not be called after the testimonial name Christians.

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