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Early this morning (mid night) I was asking Jesus about my State in Him and I heard Him say “Your works have not been perfect” He then referred me to Rev 3:1-4. As I read those verses of the Scriptures I remember how I am beginning to slip off. 
To my shame When I commit sins (to you they might be normal, but the Holy Spirit in me convict me of them), I hung on the saving Grace of Christ and not take them too serious. “Remember how you have received and heard”
I remember my early days in Christ. When I sin, I confess to the Brethren and meet elders for help but now; Knowledge has puffed up, I do like, I know more than Jesus the Savior that ask me to live a life of Purity and Obedience to Him. Hnnn… When the Bible said “Confess your Sins one to another”… I imagine how I let go of that teaching on openness and confession. “Remember how you have received and heard”
Oh! I remember my early Christian days how I wake up early and pray on tongues one hour everyday before doing my personal devotion but today, the idea of “God dwells in me” has permeate me that I see no reason for God’s daily visitation in my life. “Remember how you have received and heard”
I remember my early days when the word “Souls are perishing” is a Life.. Every state, community I am opportune to get to, I will work by Holy Spirit direction to souls I need minister Christ to and bring them to the fold even among thugs and Area boys in their domain, but today… I call it… “Mind your business”…Oh.. Today I Remember how I received and heard”
I heard Jesus telling me, If I refuse to repent He will come to me as a thief and the understanding came that He will caught me unaware and I will be left behind in Purpose and Destiny. Hnnnnnnnn… This is a Sound of Repentance to Me.

Somebody may ask me, Why do you have to post it for everyone to see? My Brother, I am repenting and this is how best I know how to do it. My Sister, this life of secrecy is what is killing the Church and holding revival fire from falling. The testimony of being Alive but Dead!.. What a calamity.
I am repenting, I want to be a Better Christian, I want to live to Please God. God help My life, at the Cross I come! Help me Jesus!! 
Oyedele Temitope James

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