When Man gained independence from God 

By Akintoroye Yinka 
To a large extent many advocates for freedom and personal independence do not take cognizance of the steep slope of destructive orientation and subtle cravings for self fulfilment by self imposition that occasioned their passionate struggle and seemingly sacred demand for long subjugated justice for themselves and the entire human race. 

It is notable that this structure of people dance out of step with the beat they produced. You don’t make a beat of independence to self oriented freedom and not make mockery of yourself before reason. It is not the tantalizing sprite of your beat nor the elating moves of your waist and legs that is the objective, it is the harmony that unite them. The first and last bondage humanity has ignorantly ignored or timidly avoided confrontation with is that of the intrinsic selfishness of his wanton soul. Most people who once clamour for justice will betray her when face with the proofs of their partiality and drugged atrocities which they buried in the cemetery of hypocritical goodwill and activism.  The first freedom that suffice is that from self. Self-worth, self-conceit, self-deception, self-exaltation, self-ambition and self-will. I do not write theology. The truth is always open to the honest heart and mind. This ‘self” cry for freedom. Wait: freedom from who or what? Freedom to be more selfish and boastful. Even countries where justice or equity is celebrated cannot deny the hurt they have brought to personal conscience in the context of faith, worship and religion. In the conscious effort to be impartial in handling religious and sociocultural differences cruelty and one-sided judgement crept in through the back door of faulty reasoning and logic. The brutal endeavor to separate personality from faith, or religion will give rise to a tilted society. These sets of dunce as commonly said by harsh and curious freedom gospellers who don’t submit to moral credence but only thrust headlong against any other standard threatening the surviver of their baseless and rotten philosophy and attitude. Not saluting morality, ethics and goodness they seize the law court as a platform to advance their warfare against God. And sadly too, today, most of our law courts are Godless. Imagine a world without God where people are timid to acknowledge God ( their origin, meaning, morality and destiny) without ruffling the countenance of some people who find it hard to relate with Him. They could get acquainted with ordinary things and puzzling enough, clearly disjointed and false presentations. But God pisses them off. Imagine a world were individual determines his/her norms. The chaos and ruin of a life and society govern by uncertainties and lead by myopic leaders and Godless (loveless and lawless) heart. How can order be achieved if a person give definition to himself or herself outside God. 
The journey to freedom is shorter than the desert-long journey and wilderness wandering humanity has plunged herself into. The road to freedom is self death. Yet it is the most painful and difficult death to die. It is quite easy to die for yourself than to die to yourself. It takes self death to be selfless -however in that humble state,  many still found life,  care and deep concern than when they lived on. 
Actually, I must record that almost all men suffer from ignorance of true definition of themes and terms relative to the absolute frame of reference which is God and not science. However grammatically sound and vocabulary rich a piece of idea described with words is if truth of the subject matter is astake it is only fit for the trash can. Our distorted knowledge of independence and freedom haunts our memory and will continue to hurt us if we continually reject verity. Let righteousness be put to the line and judgement the plummet.
Moreover, independence from origin or the absolute reference frame is the greatest calamity that has ever befall man. It secures his path to utter destruction excusing him in self delusion to the imperativeness of accountability. The greatest achievement of the devil over time is to deceive man that he can attain divinity all by himself and doesn’t need to subscribe to the abstract God. The God you look for is you he still says. Bring a fish out of the water and observe it’s end,  a flourishing plant uprooted from the soil how will it fair,  likewise separate a Man from his source, his God, what is next? DEATH!!. The argument for and against origin is therefore germane!! The impact of discovering the truth about man’s origin on man is immeasurable. The argument that man is a product of chance and undetermined existence is quite appauling. Amazingly, intelligence crumbled at the doorstep of faith. Outside God there is no scientific credentials that gratify and satisfy humanity quest for true meaning and purpose. And I submit that the atheist courage to argue against God existence due to the absence of substantial proves is timidity and narrowness of the idea of seeing to belief because your seeing or not seeing and believing or not believing doesn’t underscore the facts of an existence. You only need to search and for an Almighty Being, eternity will be too small for this quest. 
Freedom and Accountability: It is correct that man’s actions and reactions must be regulated by law and justice because there are no other creatures whose interaction with the environment can bring maximum damage to it. Therefore freedom without limit leads to personal bondage and social-cultural menace. Tell me any other creature with this scale of impact on creation? Therefore man cannot claim independence and freedom from God or at least accountability to man. Why? Because freedom is relative. If it is not subject to absolute laws and principles it damages it’s justification. The true essence and anatomy of terms and conditions that regulate human conduct can only be found in God-right in the eye of His heart. The perfect line of symmetry of love and truth that runs through God’s own heart to ours. Tracing out this line of love and truth leads us to the discovery of God whom the atheist has no sufficient truth to reckon with. Candidly, it isn’t true that many don’t have a glimpse of Him, they had it, but they rather denied it and in holy sympathy of logical flaws and dishonesty they continued to ply the dark path of delusion and death. We are accountable to God and man and they will both judge us on how we made use of our freedom and independence although both can’t be earned from God without a grave consequence 
Conclusively, the death and destruction we see all over the place began when man gained independence from God. This independence was selfish and unnecessary. But God will not rob the man of the freewill He has given him even when no one was around to challenge Him. Now! Let the advocates of freedom without God come with the proves of the good his/her argument had done to the society in this age of increasing hatred, lawlessness and gross injustice. God is the only Just and True One and any world view outside His own is false and unjust. I am cocksure that humanity will continually pay with excruciating pains and ordeals for her choice for freedom outside God unless she repents and return to the Source despised, The Great One of Israel.

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