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Today as I was in church and we were doing a Study of the Power Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are the gifts of Faith, Gifts of Healing and Gifts of Working of Miracles, I asked myself, why are these gifts no more in operation in my life as it used to.

Memories of Good time flood me of when by the Power of the Holy-Spirit, there will be demonstration of God to the people. I remembered how virtue of Healings and Miracles flows through me to Bless lives. I remembered how by the gifts of Special Faith, I have been able to get what seems impossible done. But Why? What went wrong? Why are these gifts no more in operation in my life, I keep ruminating.

Then the understanding came, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever but to every Spiritual attainment there is a required consecration and commitment; this was what I lost.

As Watchman Nee said, before there can be a release of the Spirit, there must be a breaking of the outer Man. By giving much attention to ‘bodily exercise’,  I have forfeited my dedication to God in prayer, this has resulted to an encapsulation for the release of the Spirit.

Now as I understand, I want every Christian too to know that the Outside world needs us in the demonstration of Spirit and Power to declare to them the Manifold Wisdom of God. Let’s all go back to the knee and take our place as Priest and Kings reigning on Earth.

I hope this help someone.

Lamentation of a Believing Brother

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