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My heart raced when I heard

I couldn’t hold my peace when I saw

When I handled the reality of Love

I doubt if the Church does the same
Pity the world of her pathetic state

Pity the Church sleeping as the day passes

If the world be ignorant of Love, be surprised not

The Church got employed to show her

But, her teacher, learn not the excellent way
I have been at Babylon’s heart

Now, my feet tread on Jerusalem holy cliff

I’m new, delivered from sinner’s ways

 If I were blindly led by Night

Babylon and Jerusalem proved no difference
Hear oh! Beloved, thy Lord’s burden

Thy Lord’s Love, He acted this very fact

Read the film between the scripture’s lines

He loveth even His foes

Even he that betrayed with a kiss
Why hate thee thy friends

And thy foes becomes thy sweet heart

Hatred rear-up amidst thy fellowship light

God’s hands retreat into his belly

Dimness might rule thy Noon time
For we haven’t so learned Christ

Who prayed for us not the world?

That we might be one, He prayed

Indomitably tearing down the pillars of hell

That his kingdom might occupy indeed
The enemy nearly lost the game

But got the reason for the strength

They are one, bond by love

They can’t be won

Let us play wisely again
Divide their heart with a subtle sword

Turn their spears against their oath

That they might forgat our end

Lest our trouble persist and our strength

Like a cold cinder drifted with the wind
Yet brethren we haven’t known love

Thus, let us toward God repent of the wounds

The body of Christ suffers from us again

That healings, might swiftly arrive

In love made perfect and unity made strong
Yet, we haven’t met Love

Although we safety assume we have

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