When in the brightness of glory divine she basked, And the Sun of righteousness brought a healing glow

When in deep joy her soul bathed, Surrounded by flocks of lovely saints

When with God’s reverent fear she worshiped, And in her, wonders were cheap

When holiness was her romance, And her garment was bright and clean

When her fire was pure, And her inspiration was purer

When her weapons were sure, And her soldiers’ heart were surer

When God was her aim, And building projects hasn’t stolen the show

When the world had hope, Because of her generous and loving touch

When Pastors care to die for the sheep, And won’t squeeze them for selfish gain

When Prophets did ‘BLAST’ and not ‘BLESS’ the rocks, And thus sayeth the Lord wasn’t thus sayeth my stomach

When the teachers showed the Truth, And were not expensive jokers

When the Evangelist stayed on the field, And wouldn’t lead the wedding hymns in the cathedral

When all Christians were cheerful witness, And won’t guide Jesus out of their conversations

When all her children were one, No battle or clamour for prominence

When Lucifer’s boys trembled to tread her corridor, And dare not touch her holy gate

When Jesus was her Shepherd, And the Holy spirit her power Not god-fathers and charms from Indian

When the Christians couldn’t be oppressed, And neither torture nor persecutions could depress

When mammon was merely a car seat, And not the stirring that turns the car

When prayer fans the flame into fire, And neither intellect nor carnality had a clue

When the ministers were an addict of the word, Not secret customers of the world

When the G.O had his basic needs met, Not fat account loudly crying for notice

When revival was revival, And not money acquisition means

When the Holy Ghost was the Host, And not big Daddy’s to Him

When the preacher tremble at His Presence, And will weep like a babe for His slightest grief

When men volunteer to be nothing, And not Prof.(Doc) Rev. James J.P

When the preacher will fearfully protest, And not secretly swell within in self-appraisal

When the anointed uses the anointing as Jesus did, And not a tool to dupe the simple folks

When the devil business suffered, And demons cried ‘what have we to do with you’

When the singers sang with grace and purity, And dogs won’t lead the saints in heavenly worship. Little wonder the Shekinah glory of God wasn’t rare

When the people couldn’t mistake a saint for a good man, And the saved for a moralist

When the Christian was the only choice for fidelity, And not thieves dressed in priestly robe

When hearts were honest, And not, brother, bless you! While hatred steams within

When our joy in distress shocked the world, And our heroic martyrs sang with holy love amidst burning flames

When our lives were light that reveal Jesus, And not a stumbling block on sinners way to Him

When the Church was the only voice of Truth, And not cunningly devised fables called religion

But! Friends; what is the matter today, I mean with her

Ichabod! The glory levitates, I mean the Holy one

Why is sin treated with simple regard?

Why did the preachers say ‘it  (sin) doesn’t matter?’

Wait! You mean what Christ suffered for

No wonder the Holy Ghost went on vacation

And you were too blind to discover it till tomorrow

Alleluia, leapt they for shameful joy

And delighted in fruitless charisma 

The church is matching on, is our dearest hymn

Jesus weeps while Christians leaps
What o! Pastor!

What is your yardstick for growth?

Yes! Two years ago, we started in a room

But now we own the largest hall in town

We had only two members then

Now we have two thousand adults- Amen!

Wait noble shepherd, may I ask!

Do you have?

Two thousand goats or sheep

Two thousand disciples or rebels

Two thousand saints or sinners

Two thousand soldiers or weaklings

Two thousand martyrs or miracle seekers

Ichabod! The glory levitates

The shepherds are like twisted bow

They shoot away from the target

Since Holiness is now carelessness

Purity now insanity

Lust disguise as love

Repentance an insult to the grace Jesus truly brought

We are the righteousness of God though we crucify Jesus again

With a nonentity approach to sin

And confidence on sin conquered claims

No wonder God’s glory must leave

When we refused to cherish Him

And our thoughts are spoiled in us

We couldn’t enjoy the sweet fragrance of His presence
Humble us o! God until our flying heart

Crawl on it belly before you 

And retire into deep mourning

And until that blessed morning

When our misery shall cease

And your glory brighten us again

Humble us unto brokenness again, o! God 

That we might praise your eternal beauty.
By Akintoroye Yinka

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