Late Pa Elton Honoured at the concluded WAFBEC2018

In the manner of the Convention, The Honour Night is the time where men and women who have laboured for the cause of the Kingdom are honoured. The Honour Night became a part of WAFBEC Experience in 2016 with the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa as its first recipient, while Rev (Dr.) Mike Oye, first Traveling Secretary of the Scripture Union (SU) was honoured in 2017 and the late Pa Sydney G Elton in 2018.

Explaining the reason for the honour night, Pastor Poju emphasised that it is not designed to give earthly rewards for spiritual service but to acquaint the younger generation with the impact and lessons of the preceding generation. Hence, breeding a transgenerational faith, one that is deeply connected to its past, fully in touch with the present, and running swiftly towards the future.


Pa Elton of blessed memory in no small way, contributed to the current Nigerian Pentecostal experience, church culture if you may.

The award was received by Pastor John Aladega who stood in for Pa Elton’s daughter, Ruth Elton who due to old age, couldn’t make it down and presented by Bishop Feb Idahosa, Pastor Godman Akinlabi and Pastor Yemi Davids. An act which is symbolic of the connection which the Honour Night seeks to establish between the young and the older generation.

In acceptance of the award, Pastor Aladega read a note written by Ruth Elton where she expressed her deep regards to Pastor and Mrs Poju Oyemade for the great work done through the Honour Night and also encouraged believers to keep up with the fight of faith.

Source: Ynaija

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