A Clarion Call to RISE! 

By Arewa Boluwatife

You know… The beauty of life in itself is progress, a holistic strategic movement in the right direction.

 For we must understand that leading a successful life comes forth from aggregation of processes, it never an event. 

Therefore this has always been my constant reminder;  if only, I can put constant effort into intentional all round growth and relevance, then a better me is yet to evolve…because our  outright disposition,must always be that although we are not yet were we ultimately envisioned  but we are not were we used to be.”

To them that runneth, let them do it with vision and to them that travaileth let them forge on with deep passion… for we are all here on a purpose, and to fulfill such a grave assignment bestowed on us by the heavens, we most constantly be evolving into our best per time, we must, be the definition and yardstick of excellence in our specific niche of relevance… for I am more than convinced that our God is progressive. I AM, the visible creations testifies of his taste for nothing less than excellence. 

Definitely we all will not function in the five fold ministry (Eph. 4:11-13), i.e our pulpit primarily, may not be within the four walls of the  church, but I make bold to tell you that we all have a pulpit, because we are to be equipped for the work of ministry, by the ministerial gifts, Yes!…that your office is your own pulpit for ministry, that your classroom, your workshop, etc. Is your pulpit for ministry…. For we must effectively let our light ( Work of excellence in righteousness) shine before men, not just the church. It’s the light that the world Sees in us that makes them bow, and submit to the Lordship of Christ.

The Christian life, is a call for impact, it a call to excellence…in my very opinion, I feel this is the dimension of lighting the church as not fully pressed into, for the kingdom of heaven to be fully enthroned and His will, be done here on earth ( Mat 6:10)….we all must rise and go into all the world( Mk. 16:15), the word translated  “world”  here in Greek is, called “Cosmos”, which does not just mean our streets, cities and villages, but in real essence, it deep meaning, entails all the social – economic strata of society. . 

So, if you are into media, be it academia or politics and so on , we must carry the consciousness that we must effectively shine the light of Christ, we must, be a voice, we must impact life’s for the kingdom.

The world indeed earnestly awaits our effective manifestation not our explanation.

I strongly do believe that our active rising in our various spheres will cause forth the transformation we  seek dearly as people and ultimately as a nation.

Let us all rise and rise, until our stream becomes a river, until our valley becomes an insurmountable mountain, till our moon becomes the sun.

Yes! Let us all rise up with unyielding greater readiness, with greater determination and unbending resolution, let’s forge forward and take our rightful stand in the place of kingdom oriented nation  building.

We must never underestimate the importance and power of growth, because this is what we place us on the lane of all-inclusive rising, we must, be intentional about it.

I see a RISING……




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