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Mega-rich pastors living in million pound homes prey on believers 

Seeing the Headline “Mega-rich pastors living in million pound homes… ” has made me see the reason why the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t seems to be effective again. It made me see reason why people are not interested in hearing the Good news of salvation again. 

It is quite saddening that a media station in UK has analysed two Pastors in UK and exposed their luxurious and “dubious” lifestyle.

As reported by SUN, “Pastors Matthew Ashimolowo and Alex Omokudu live in sprawling seven-figure mansions while their huge congregations are told to hand over money often straight from their salaries”.

Matthew Ashimolow’s KICC makes £6.3million-a-year through worshippers donating from their salaries

The Sun reported “We witnessed worshippers being told “God wants you to give all your money to him” and warned about showing “disobedience to God” before being handed direct debit forms.

Alex Omokudu’s Victorious Pentecostal Assembly makes £1.1million-a-year in donations

One other surprising thing is still that, they are both Nigerians. Pastor Alex in his Service is been noted to say: “Give your money to God to get ahead of others… give your money to God to get ahead of others” repeats the pastor.

The pastor added: “God wants you to give all your money to Him.. give all your money to Him.

“There is no excuse not to give your money to God… he sees any money you have coming. You cannot hide money from God.

“The church of VPA and Pastor Alex Omokudu will deliver you prosperity.”

The full story talks of Pastor Ashimolowo “has previously been found by the Charity Commission to have used church funds to pay for a £120,000 birthday party for himself at a London hotel, an £80,000 new Mercedes and a £13,000 Florida timeshare.

All these has led to controversy in the body of Christ as to payment of tithe.

The Church needs to awake now and guard herself with the required knowledge to truly be light!


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