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“We have been making efforts for a very long time to end the crisis in CAC, and at a particular stage, we experienced setbacks. But today, we thank God that the devil is defeated. I have heard some people saying we cannot pray together again, but that has been defeated today. God loves the CAC so much. The Bible states: ‘Can there be trouble in a city without God’s consent?’ said Pastor Akinosun in a 3-hour service tagged Jesus says: You Must Be One held by stakeholders of CAC church, Men of God like Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara; Prophet M.O. Olatunji; Pastor G.O. Lagunju; Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun and Pastor E.E. Mapur.

Comments by some of the attendees were:

“God loves us so much. He warned us of the crisis for five years. And He told us how the crisis would affect the church, but we never heeded the call. When the crisis began in Ilesa, I remembered that Pastor Babajide was saying ‘Holy Spirit take control.’ But for five years, we were not obedient to his warning.
“We thank God because He loves us, especially those of us that are alive today. Many have died in the course of the crisis. For those of us around today, let’s tread the path of peace. Nobody can obstruct the peace of CAC again. The problem is over. God ordered that before the end of 2017, the problem would be over. We cannot judge ourselves before God and no judge can set us free. Let us note that it must end well.
“Now that we have come here together and we believe that God has answered our prayers, what we’re going to see now is the celebration of our unity which has come to stay. Expect unity service from the CAC,” Akinosun assured.

Pastor Akinosun – CAC President

Pastor Abiara, who led one of the prayer sessions, revealed that the significance of the programme was the manifestation of God’s voice for the church to unite before the end of 2017.
“The Lords says we must come together and pray before the end of this year, and here we are to obey the voice of God as one entity again. So, we thank God Almighty for the unity which I believe you can see as well. We prayed together, sang God’s praises together, which means satan has failed according to the message of our Lord Jesus that the power of darkness will never overcome the church. So, we thank God Almighty that He has conquered the church. God has stepped in and anything that God steps into experiences peace.
“My message is for my people to obey the word of God as regards unity. The new thing is that God said we must be one if we want grace and blessing, and we must obey him. He said we must be one. I want to advise all members of CAC to work towards peace. From here, God says we must organise another prayer session at our church headquarters at Olugbode, Ita-Baale, Ibadan and at CAC camp, Arakeji. After that, if we can obey His voice, there will be great revival from CAC. All of us have heard and must obey the voice. We must be one. The leaders and members must obey God’s voice. All of us must unite according to our Lord and Saviour,” Abiara stated.
Also, Pastor James Oluwamakinde Adeoloye and the zonal evangelist, Pastor Emmanuel Folorunso sued for peace and expressed optimism that long lasting unity had returned to the CAC family.

Pastor Adeoloye said: “Today is slated for unity and peace of this mission. It is very important because this church has been in crisis in the past 27 years, and we havebeen praying since then that God should restore this church to its former state. Today, we thank God because our prayers have been answered. This service ends the crisis. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to pray according to Holy Spirit’s instruction. Today’s prayer has ended the 27-year crisis.”


Source: Nigerian Tribune

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