…creating awareness for Christians to Watch and Pray

The Youth Wing of Christians Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) has, in a two-page communique released yesterday after a meeting in Yola, expressed disappointment especially with Christians holding political office in the country over their continuous silence on mass killings of Christians across the country.

In the press release, The National President of YOWICAN, David Kadzai, reminded Christian political office holders that they occupy these offices not on their personal merits, but because of the religion they practice. 

He stated that even when the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar lll, openly stated that the killer herdsmen are foreigners, the speaker, the Vice President and others did not direct the security agents concerned to fish them out.

“The police only arrest suspects when farmers attack herdsmen in a reprisal attack, but when Fulani herdsmen kill hundreds of Christians, the police suddenly cannot get suspects.”

He warned that if the federal government continues to give support to Fulani herdsmen by not taking the needed action to cage their blood thirst, the country may be moving towards anarchy in the nearest future.


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