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As we awaits prophecy by other Pastors in Nigeria, The Founder and leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church in Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has revealed what God told him concerning 2018 most especially as regards Nigeria and Political leaders in the country in an interview with The Sun. 
About Nigeria He said “Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb, so the state of the Nation is very bad; we are still in a recession but they tell us that we are no more in recession…The ship of the country is shaking, the ship is in the storm, there is a storm surrounding Nigeria and only God will help us.”

“I know at the appropriate time, something mysterious will happen, and that is the reason why anybody cannot put Nigeria together again. If we go to the original system of government, it is fine.

“But not all the agitators will do all of these things but God has a time for everything, in his own appropriate time, it will happen. Nigeria will not break up now but what will lead us to the breaking point is already in the pipeline. There is nothing to do to checkmate the breaking up because the breaking up is not now. So, if anybody is talking about breaking up, he is just making noise.”

Talking about Tinubu one of APC top leaders, He said; “Tinubu, after 2019 will not continue in politics. He may not be able to go around again…He might not continue not because of health, but another leader may take over the leadership of the party.”

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