…creating awareness for Christians to Watch and Pray

Northern Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Yakubu Pam has urged Christian community in the region and the Federal Capital Territory to show love to one another as they celebrate the Yuletide and hope for a better new year.

Pam, in a statement issued in Jos to mark the occasion, said Nigerians no matter their background and faith they profess, should work for peace and be their brother’s keeper at all times.

According to him: “The celebrations of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ would not be complete if there is no peace and love for one another in this country,” saying Nigerians should use the period of Christian celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ to build bridges across the divides in all the parts of the country as they look forward towards a prosperous new year. 

Rev Pam called on Nigerians to cultivate new habit of hard work and shun acts that are capable of painting Nigeria’s image in a bad light.

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