…creating awareness for Christians to Watch and Pray

The true essence of Christmas is to express the Love of God demonstrated by giving. This has been shown by a church called Treasure House of God in Abeokuta as they cater for the need of over 4,739 needy residents of Abeokuta at her annual “Jesus Feast”.

The Church’s Associate Pastor, Lenus Taylor who was in charge of the feast said; “The programme is necessitated by the love of God and the love for humanity that the founder of this ministry, Pastor Adeseye Senfuye have for the people and the Christ.

“It is scriptural that we should extend our hand of fellowship to the less-privileged. We have 4,700 gifts for people and the content of a package is meat and rice. We don’t discriminate whether you are a Christian or Muslim.

 “No political undertone. This is why we are distributing it in the church.  We have been doing it for some time now and it increases yearly. Last year, 1, 000 people benefited. This year, it is about 5,000. By the grace of God next year, it will get to 50, 000.
“My advice for the people is to continue to pray for those in government so that they will do what is right. Once they do what is right, everyone of us will definitely enjoy it,” Lenus said.

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