Syrian Believers returning home

By | October 17, 2017

As noted by Open doors.

After years of being displaced, some Christians have returned home, but they were not prepared for what awaited them.

Due to the war in Syria, brave believers like Miriam* and her family were displaced for several years. Although they call Syria home, they were forced to leave the country and live as refugees—in tents year-round. They relied on food packages to feed their family. They lived in a state of uncertainty, unsure of their future but longing to return home.

When Miriam and her family were given the opportunity to go back to Syria, they decided to take it—in spite of the risk. But when they returned, their worst fears were confirmed…

 “Everything is destroyed…nothing we had is here anymore,” Miriam said. “Bombs fell on our house and roof. Our belongings were stolen, the balcony was destroyed. The house was in shambles.”

Their home had been destroyed by war, and anything they left had been looted by ISIS. In the rubble and dust, there was only one thing they could do—start their lives over with next to nothing.

But that’s where friends like you came in.

Thanks to your faithful support, Open Doors was able to step in and help Miriam start a sewing business with other Christian women in the area to provide lifesaving income for their families.

“We are very grateful for your help to us as we rebuild…we are very thankful.”

The future of Syria is still uncertain, but that’s what makes Miriam’s faith so courageous—she’s trusting God in the face of danger.

The Great Commission instructs believers to go to the ends of the earth with the gospel message…even in areas where it seems impossible.

Brave believers like Miriam are answering this call. They are returning to their homes to be the Body of Christ in areas where most are too afraid to go.

And you are helping make this possible. As these believers begin to rebuild their lives, your gifts are paving the way for them to remain in these tense regions as a light for the gospel…even to their persecutors.

Thank you for your ongoing gifts that make this a reality and help many other believers like Miriam* who are willing to go where their faith costs the most!

We are calling upon the Trump administration—as well as the United Nations—to take an active role in supporting our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. 

Make your voice count. Please sign the petition today!


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